Calling all Sophie owners

  1. Well, I know it's a bit late for Sophie hype. Please tell me, do you love your Sophie?? I don't want to jinx it so I won't say anything just yet..I think I need this little pochette :rolleyes: especially after I realized that we are here in mainland won't be able to get it in the stores for sure

    Do you think I should get it eventhough I am kinda "done" with mono pattern?
  2. im actually done with the monogram canvas too (i don't have many pieces to begin with but i don't long to buy anymore, i actually sold my bv too) but i had to buy the sophie!! i really feel like it's such a great bag for nights out because of the chain handle, plus it's not as common as the pochette. Lucky for me, i bought it off eBay only to find out my seller was also a fellow tpfer! it made me feel sooo much better.
  3. I'd get the rivet pochette instead. It has the plate like the sophie and is very cute.
    Plus you won't have to pay a lot on eBay.

  4. wow..lucky you..If I acted fast when Sophie came out, I had it already now..

    It's so me..don't really care much about something and go nut to hunt it down..must have it..

    I decided that I didn't want it because it's mono..ahhh silly me..:hysteric:
  5. OMG Nita, you know what? I'M thinking of the Sophie now too :nuts:! i've been thinking of it all this week, but i didn't know if i was willing to pay more on ebay. i hate that i get like this; only wanting something when it's virtually unattainable :mad:

  6. If I am lucky, it won't be from Ebay ;) either from Japan or Hawaii
  7. Nita, I think you should get it! It is such a pretty bag! lol.
  8. ^ I keep my toes crossed for this lol
  9. Are there still any Sophie left in Hwaii?
  10. I only wore my Sophie once and it got rave reviews. It is a cute little bag that you can dress up and down. I love the gold plate and gold chain. I don't think Hawaii is going to get anymore. They are nowhere to be seen or found. I got call backs for two more after I bought my first. I guess I should've bought them. Oh well....
  11. NO more Sophie in Hawaii. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  12. rats! why can't they launch something exclusive in USA for once?

  13. I sucks..I can't believe that I want it now..:rolleyes:

    well..I thought that I should wait just incase they will be available for all of us so I won't kick myself for paying extra form Ebay. Nnow I am trying to get it form HI and Japan we'll see..

  14. dunno :sad:
  15. I love mine....much better than the rivets.