Calling ALL Soft & Chain Owners!

  1. I'd love some input. I recently "splurged" and bought the Soft & Chain "large hobo"--the one that LiLo and Heidi from the Hills both have.

    Anyways, the bag is beautiful and is made of such baby soft lambskin. I'm just curious how it's held up for those of you that have had your bags for awhile now. I'm pretty "good" with my bags but if it's really prone to scratches or has permanent wrinkles, lines, etc., it'd be nice to know that I should expect that before making the commitment!

    Also, has the chain bugged you?

    Thanks for your input!

  2. I am considering this bag.. could you let me know how you feel about your purchase? How is the chain? The leather holding up?? Thanks.
  3. Its a FAB bag...holds up great!
  4. Yup, agree with Jill! I just posted about this in the other S&C thread.