Calling all SMALL Paraty Owners

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    I need your advice! I'm wondering as a small paraty owner if you found the small was still a good size? I'm 5'4 and have a pretty slim build and love the medium but find its a tad big on me. Wondering if the small is still a good size, if you can wear it as a crossbody and if you can fit everything? I did see a few photos on tpf but sometimes its hard to tell if its too small or not. Would love your advice.
  2. Hihi! I just sold my medium paraty and bought a small one yesterday! Love it!! Below are some random pictures I took at the changing room for you! Pls ignore the clothes hehe

    I'm 5"2 and have a relatively slim frame. The colour is cyclamen

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394268329.104032.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394268423.039344.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394268487.556366.jpg

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  3. Beautiful bag!
  4. Hello! I am about 5"3. Here's the photo of me and my small paraty. In my opinion, the strap is a little bit of short for cross-body style with winter coats/jackets.:thinking:

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  5. Thank you so much! Gorgeous bag! Do you find it can hold everything? I loved the medium but from the side it looked like a travel bag on me.
  6. Thank you great point. I wonder if getting those brass clips someone posted here she found on etsy (they worked with the chloe strap) would make the strap a tad long? It looks good on you, especially from the side it doesn't look too large. Do you find it can accommodate everything you need?

  7. I thought the same!! I always like the shape of the medium paraty as it beat represent the paraty style. Some small paraty looks slightly rounded and not the triangle shape I desired!

    Having used the medium, I find extremely taxing to carry it around and the sides are so thick - like a huge messenger bag! Hahaha

    Oh.. The small paraty holds so much!!!! Since I bought my preloved I tried stuffing it to the max to sort of mould its shape and was utterly surprised by how much it holds!!
  8. Thank you so much! Nice to know you like the small better. What door did you get? Are you able to get a long wallet, keys and phone in there?
  9. Sorry meant to say do you like the pink color? How much does your hold?