Calling all Silverado experts!!

  1. Hi! :flowers: :heart:

    I am sooo confused. :confused1:

    Do silverados only have leather whipstitching detail


    Do they have some satin ribbon as the detail>

    I've only seen them w/ leather whipstitching... but i seen one (the one w/ the bad seller) being asked about in the authenticate this thread in the chloe forum and it had SATIN RIBBON whipstitch?

    It's very un-chloe :confused1:

    What are your opinions?

    I just want to know for my own purposes!!

    :flowers: :heart:
  2. Colored leather ones (pink and blue that I know of) definitely had satin whipstitching. The naturel leather and chocolate leather ones had the leather whipstitching.
  3. D & G I think you were right about that silverado..?
  4. I had a 2005 Black Silverado with satin whipstitching, not leather.
  5. that's great to know chicbags - thank you!
  6. I've got a pink silverado with satin whipstitching, i'm pretty sure the metallic silverados also come with leather whipstitching.
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