Calling all Shrug owners!!!

  1. How does the shrug compare to the day/hobo? Does it have a zipper closure? Do you find it annoying to move the little flap when trying to get into your bag quickly (Like the LV Manhattan GM?)

    Please post pic of bag on your shoulder :flowers:

    Considering selling my first for this style. I am just a big bag wearin' girl! :P
  2. i dont think shrug has the zipper closure, and its a lot smaller than the day/hobo.....
    I tried the style in store last time, didn't like the look on me...:rolleyes:
  3. Thanks BB! LOVE the color of my teal first ;) . But I don't know if the First is the right size for me :shrugs:
  4. I have a lilac shrug and I think it's the perfect size balenciaga bag. The shape is unique and curvy like me ;) and the shoulder strap is long enough I don't have to worry about it touching my deodorant.

    It is smaller than the day bag, but holds tons. The flap isn't difficult to manuver around and there's a magnetic snap to keep it in place. There's no top zipper, but a zip pocket inside. The top kinda folds around and over itself so the contents stays secure inside the bag.

    Here's a pic of it hanging on my wall...I don't have a shot of it on me...but it looks good, trust me :yes:

  5. i used to own the bordeaux shrug from last season, then my car got broken into and it was STOLEN.

    BUT, I do own a choco brown hobo too. so i can definitely compare.

    if you want an everyday bag, they are both great. it depends how much you want to hold and What you want to hold.

    the shrug is good for essentials. it's easy for you to get into b/c there's no zip, just a flap (not theives, don't worry, b/c of the way it sits under your arm). the flap though keep in mind, won't button if you're carrying files or paperwork b/c it won't reach over.

    BUT if you need it to hold things like a light sweater, shoes, files, the day/hobo is a GREAT size. i LOVE the hobo (the darker colors lend a more professional/formal look). anytime i need to go somewhere after work and don't get home to change & get ready, the hobo is great. it never gets too heavy carrying all that stuff either.

    it's very deep though, so when i used it for just essentials, that got to be annoying to search in the depths of the bag. so i used to switch between the shrug and hobo.

    hope this helps!
  6. Thanks for the pic Rocksteady! Sounds like we are on the same curvy page ;)

    babyhart- you said it! Love the hobo, but I burn an extra 200 calories a day looking for my walet. That is why I'm considering the shrug.