Calling all short/petite ladies (~5'0")...Advice needed on speedy sizes (25 or 30?)!

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I know that there have been A LOT of threads on this topic already (which speedy size is better: 25 or 30), but I just wanted to make another one and ask specifically for the opinions of those who are around my size. I am 4'11"-5'0" and about 95 lbs. I'm not stick skinny; I do have curves but I'm rather on the petite and tiny side.

    Now, I know that there are a lot of 5'2" and 5'3" ladies who call themselves petite and have a problem choosing b/w the speedy 25 or speedy 30. However, if I were at least that height, I wouldn't be in a dilemma because I would have gone ahead and chosen speedy 30 without a second thought.

    Since the trend nowadays is big purses, I went ahead and bought the speedy damier azur in size 30. But I haven't been using it a lot...It looks ok when I'm dressed up and in high heels, but I feel that it's too overwhelming on my frame to wear casually. I'm thinking of selling my speedy 30 and getting another one in a size 25. BUT...I'm not too sure. I keep changing my mind! I don't want to sell my 30 and then regret it later if I find the 25 to be too small. =( Or is it because of the light coloring of the damier azur canvas that makes my bag look too big and "too much"? Would 30 be a better size for a darker canvas?

    Funny thing is, I've seen some other people roughly around my size who look great with the 30 and some who look better with the 25...

    Any suggestions, ladies??!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I say keep the 30.. I havnt seen anyone who I didnt think the 30 looked good on. I'm 5.2 by my cousin is exactly 5 feet and skinny and she has the speedy 30 and loves it.
  3. Hi river_grass. Im around your height and i got the same problem like you...but i cant carry speedy30 for sure. The first time i saw mc line, i went straight to speedy mc in black but it looked like a weekend bag with my tiny body. I did try speedy30 in monogram and epi in black in front of my friends, they all said "too big for me for sure".
  4. I am 5 foot even but I'm hardle skinny. I'm going to look at both the 30 and the 35 when I go get my Speedy tomorrow but I have a feeling that 35 will feel like luggage to me. I have the mono in a 25 and it is really too small for me anymore so we will see...
  5. I'm 5'4 and 120 lbs and I have the 25.. The 30 looks to big for me I think..
  6. My first speedy was a 30 (it was the Mirage) and i thought it was too big and I would regret it. After carrying it a few times, I realized it's not too big. My everyday stuff simply would not fit in a 25.

    Part of the question depends on how much you put in your speedy.

    I'm 5'1.5" but I tell people I'm 5'2"...
  7. Keeeep it :smile:
    I even have 25,30 AND 35 :biggrin:
    So no worries :biggrin:
  8. I think height doesnt matter.. im 5'3" love the 30 size.. but 25 is too small and 35 is too big.... so it matters how much you carry in the bag
  9. i say keep the 30 and get a 25 later on. i have a problem choosing between the 30 and 25 too. i thought it was because of how they look on me, but really, i'm more concerned about not having enough stuff to put in my 30... some days it fills up, some days i barely have anything in there. right now i have a 30, and am planning to get a 25 soon so i can switch up the bags depending on how much i need to carry that day.
  10. I'm 5'2 and I love love love the 30 on me! :smile:
  11. I am petite, 5'2" and I have a damier ebene 30. I love this bag, but I use it more as a commuter/travel bag. I think a 25 would be the perfect size for an everyday bag.
  12. I'm 5'1 on a good day, when I was 115lbs I could rock the 25 now that I'm packing a few pounds I feel that the 30 and 35 suit me better. IHTH!
  13. Keep the 30! I'm also under 5 ~ yes we are very petite! lol but I do know what you mean about it feeling huge since it's white - gives the illusion it's bigger on us for sure.
  14. I'm 5'2" and I find that the 25 works best for me, but I've seen ladies with the 30 or even the 35 at around my height who looked great with it. I think if I can carry it off my next Speedy might be a Damier ebene 30.
  15. I'm 5'0" and 100 lbs... tried both and found that 30 looked ok on me while 25 was perfect.

    However, I think you should stick to the 30 since it was your first choice and you will likely find the 25 to be too small after using the 30.