calling all shoppers to help me

  1. I'm ready to take the plunge. I "think" it's going to be a paddington. I like all the styles (except for the baby, no offense. I think it may be lil small for big I have NO stores in my area that carry Chloe AT ALL. So I'm shouting out to all you ladies. I'm looking for a black or dark blue (see I'm new & don't know the correct terms). I think this will be a good start. Any help? TY 4 all the info so far!
  2. did u look on eBay? just be careful theres a lot of fakes out there, do your research and ask the experts here before u bid...
  3. If no stores near you, you can look on eBay but please please ask advise here before you buy, so many fakes there
  4. scared of eBay fakes. what about overstock merchant auctions? are they as succeptable to fakes? i would love for it to be on sale, but it's not neccessary as my 10th anniversary is coming up & hubby says get what i want. also, what about color choice. is it too safe? i have too many brown bags so that range is out. thanks again :smile: i really appreciated evry1s help & this forum
  5. buy from a reputable online site, or call Nordstrom or NM to ship to you.
  6. Or You can get a Paddy safely if you aren't looking for a sale!
  7. Nordstrom always has black, I have seen them there a lot. has a black with black padlock in their sale section that keeps popping up. Maybe you can catch it? I have seen it several times already.
  8. TY Every1! I'm flip flopping again on colors.:nuts: Today's thought is that I want a "color" TYVM for the sites. Will check them out.:heart:

  9. Go for the blue nuit or sable; they're both so pretty. :yes: Then I can live vicariously through you!
  10. ahh, yes, NAP has the black paddy there at the moment. Link is here for you, the black with black hardware which went on sale, is no longer in stock.

    Chloé Leather Paddington Bag - NET-A-PORTER.COM