Calling all Sex and The City lovers!!!! I'm giving away a custom made soundtrack!

  1. Hey everyone!

    I remember there was a thread about a custom-made Sex and The City soundtrack CD that was sold on Ebay. Here's a link to that thread:

    Well, I was organizing all of my CDs yesterday and realized that I have two copies of the soundtrack that a nice lady from Ebay made all by herself (I am not sure why I bought two...:biggrin:). Since I don't need two copies of the same CD, I want to give it away. I know many people were asking me about it, so here's your chance to have it! Let me know if you're interested and I will count you into the drawing. I will ask my bf to randomly pick a name out of a hat (I just need to find a hat now...LOL) this coming Wednesday (06/14/06). I don't have the cover for the CD anymore but I will make a copy of the list of all songs and ship it as well.

    So, let me know! Oh, and I will take care of the shipping. I apologize to all the international PF members but I'd rather not ship outside the Continental US.

    The CD is AWESOME!!!!! The list of all songs is below.

    (1) Sex and The City theme song

    (2) "Got to be Real" - from episode where Carrie becomes a Fashion Road Kill

    (3) "Do Your Thing" - song from the Farewell Special

    (4) "Hot Child in the City" - "Yes, Mrs. Adams, I brought the pot into the house...and I'm taking it with me when I go" (Carrie)

    (5) "More, more, more" - from Season 3 promos

    (6) "Doctor's Orders" - Charlotte lip-synchs after too many Staten Island Ice-Teas

    (7) "Above the Clouds" - party on Samantha's roof

    (8) "Bad Girl" - toot, toot, beep, beep...

    (9) "It's Oh, So Quiet" - Season 6 promos

    (10) "In These Shoes" - girls getting ready to go out in the opening scenes of Season 4

    (11) "Love Hangover" - an alcoholic guy becomes a sexoholic

    (12) "Hot Stuff"

    (13) "Il Fait Chaud" - Carrie running to her book party in Paris

    (14) Not sure about the name - a song that plays as Carrie questions her affair with Big

    (15) "Try a Little Tenderness" - Fleet Week

    (16) "By Your Side" - Samantha and Richard slow dance by the pool

    (17) "The Golden Age" - the song played during the final farewell montage

    (18) "You Got The Love" - the song played in the final moments of the final show

    Good luck!
  2. me me me !!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  3. me please! my friend would love to have this!
  4. I would love to listen to this when Im at fitness camp this summer!! So count me in...
  5. Count me in....I live in Hong Kong, but have a U.S. address for mail!! Does that count??? :smile:
  6. me please!!!
  7. me!!! THANKS!
  8. Oh....count me in please! I never heard of this...what a great idea!
  9. I'm in! Thanks
  10. me too please!
  11. I LOVE:love: :love: :love: "You've got the Love" PLEASE pick me!!!
  12. Me too! If I win - I can probably burn some copies for the rest as well...
  13. Hey there, please count me in! I have a US address for Shipping even though I am based in Singapore! Thanks! :yes:
  14. count me in too!
  15. Please count me in-thanks!