Calling all Scuola owners!

  1. I'm thinking about getting a scuola, BUT being only 4 11'' am I too short for it? I tried on a scuola at macy's and my friends said it looked ok on me. Personally i thought it felt a little big

    SO can some scuola owners who are around my height tell me how their scuolas treat them? Pictures would be much appreciated. :wlae:
  2. I'm much taller than you but I love mine. You also have to remember that at the store they are stuffed with paper which makes it look bulkier than it really would be unless you stuff it full. I'm sure it will be cute on you.
  3. You need to talk to Robotkitten... she is the :queen: of the Scuola fanclub!! :graucho: She :heart: :heart: :heart: 's hers. I'm sure you'll :heart: yours. I agree w/Lattegrl if you don't over stuff it it will be perfect on you!!
  4. I'm 5'2 and a half and personally, I think it looks too small on me. I'm in college and most people have really big bags so I feel kind of weird with a small bag. I wish it was bigger so if I saw it on you, I would probably like it better on you than me. But it does carry a lot and it really light on your back so it doesn't weigh you down.
  5. I think i'm going to have to to go macy's to try it on again, I really love the look of the scuola. and how do i contact Robotkitten?
  6. I'm thinking about Scuola too.... Just cause it's different from what I already have. But I have no idea how practical it would be.

    I generally don't care for backpacks actually used as backpacks, I seem to have no body sense when wearing them and end up ramming it into walls, trees and other people! I even have trouble with my Nuvola and it's not that big.

    But I think the Scuola is really cute and wonder how practical it would be just used as a tote over one shoulder?
  7. I'm sure she'll be on here tomorrow to tell you about it. She's probably just out b/c of Easter! :smile:
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I completely agree, when I'm wearing a backpack I too have no body sense...I'm ramming into walls, knocking people over :nuts: People are running for their lives when I'm wearing a backpack!! :boxing: It's not pretty! :lecture:
  9. I'm 5' and I think the scuola looks just fine :biggrin: it's just a regular backpack only cuter :shrugs: I can have my bf take a pic of it on me if you like :lol:
  10. can you? That'd be awsome. :yahoo:
  11. a picture would be cool for reference. i have on also, altho i have never used it. it is a little smaller than a regular backpack, IMO, but i'd still use it if the need arose.
  12. Yeah, from the measurements of a scuola it seems small for a backpack. I wanted one for school, but I'm so used to carrying backpacks that are at least 16X18X10 inches. I like to use small hiking backpacks too sometimes. Now, if they made a giant scuola, I'd get it in a heartbeat. hehe. My bf says I'm always after things at opposite ends of the spectrum.
  13. mm kay here are pictors! I was bored anywhoo :p

    leave it up to my bf to take crooked pictures lol... and for some reason no matter how i clean that mirror it still has smudges :confused1:

    anywhoo i hope these help!

    btw I guess it is smaller than a reg backpack (only because my regular jansport can fit my 17" laptop in a neoprene sleeve and this one cant but it's fine for a couple binders and books i think :smile: personally I've only been carrying around a legal pad :lol: so i haven't been using it much
    DSC04641.JPG DSC04642.JPG
  14. it is smaller than a regular backpack. for some reason, when robotkitten took a pic of it, it looked big on here. there is a pic she took for me so i could see the size. i should go find it. i got it but when i pulled all of the paper out of it, it shrunk. i read the measurments of it but it looked bigger in person so i disregarded them.
  15. lol. But yeah, my 15 inch laptop sticks out the top of my backpack. I don't even carry it anymore.

    Here is the pic tokidoki lover showed me. Don't know if it helps but it's another reference.