Calling All Scarf Collectors!! HELP!

  1. I have this posted on the Authenticate thread, but it was suggested I pop down here for some help.

    I ran across this scarf the other day. I love music themed scarves and the colorway caught my did the English printed on it. I've bought scarves from this seller before that were authentic, but this one is the mystery scarf. I had no clue that Hermes might print a scarf with English text, but anything is possible I guess. I even researched the Precious Colors database to no avail.

    Do any of you scarf mavens have some info on this?

  2. I thought that was bizarre, as well, and I'm not sure I trust it; the only version of that scarf I've seen has had French, not English, as is generally (thought I'm sure there are some exceptions!) the rule with H scarves.
  3. That's Musique des Spheres, I believe - here's my prune one....never read the bottom I have to go find it...

    musique des spheres prune.jpg
  4. Prada, this is the title on mine:



    Hermes has done special editions of this pattern....yours could be one of those. (?) I don't know if this pattern has been faked...
    MUSIQUEtitle1.jpg musiquetitle2.jpg
  5. Yes, I have several Musiques des Spheres scarves, which was one of the many reasons this scarf is blowing my mind.:wacko:
  6. hmmmmm......what's the label look like? Maybe that would help?
  7. It Sounds Like It Was A Special Edition? I Hope:yes:

    Katel ~ Lovvve That Color
  8. ^^^ Yes, most likely to be a special edition
  9. You know what I would do...given the urgency of the the toll free number and ask Hermes what special editions there were of that carre. Tell them you know of two editions, the regular and the Mozart one, and wonder if there are any others.

    and then, by all means let us know. I looked at at the auction and really could not tell from the pics, they did not show the hem or the caretag...

    but H loves a special edition, so who knows. It is pretty detailed....and its odd that a fake would have such an obscure change in the pattern, much easier for them to photofake the original, particularly in the case of the elaborate script and placing....

    Good luck!!!
  10. I'm with those who thinks its a Special Edition also.
  11. Special edition thinker here too. Do what CB adviced!
  12. There was a special edition for the Mozart anniversary where the text reads "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" - so there might be another one.
  13. The plum/grey version of the viola scarf - Musique des Spheres - was a 2006 issue, Neiman's still may have some - they ordered it - maybe an SA can call around to the various stores to get one for you
  14. I think I've confused you guys. I have the La Musique des Spheres (two in fact) scarf already, it was my first H scarf, actually. I understand this is the same scarf design. My question has been that instead of saying La Musiques des Spheres, this scarf says The Sharing of Music and why would that be? Fake? Special issue?

    I'm beginning to agree with the "special issue" idea, but I think I'll ring up Hermes too and follow up with them since none of the databases out there have this version of La Musiques des Spheres.

    Keep those comments coming! :yes:
  15. Omgoodness ~ Prada ~ I Thought You Bought This & This Is What You Got! Oy! It's Good To Know....It's Just For Sale:yes: