Calling all Sandstone Owners!

  1. Hello,
    Still undecided on what color bbag to purchase.
    For those that own a Sandstone bag you find that you can wear it with most things?
    Does it carry in through all seasons including fall and winter?
    Does it dirty easily?
  2. I really like my sandstone, however it is not as easy to wear as I anticipated. The grey undertones can really stand out against the wrong outfit. That being said I still love my SS I just don't try and force an outfit on it. I do think that it looks good in both seasons; it is definitely a bag that I will wear year round. Good luck, if you get one please post pictures.
  3. I have a SS work with GH and find it suprisingly neutral. Being its in the caramel family, it works in that same sort of 'nude' colour look if that makes sense in how a caramel/luggage bag does. At least to me.

    I reach for it alot and it goes equally well with light colours as well as darks like black (so that it stands out).

    I will definitely carry it in the Fall and Winter with choc brown coats or black coats and black wool tights (again for the stand out). Held with black or brown leather gloves will make it look pretty chic.
  4. Thanks very much for the info!
    Whatever I purchase I'll be sure to post pics!!!
  5. Thanks karenab!
    Do you have any posts with pics?