Calling All Salina MM Rubis Owner

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  1. Hi, I'll very much appreciate if anyone can tell me if the red detachable tag on rubis line read "Louis Vuitton Paris" only or "Louis Vuitton Paris Made In..". Thank you in advance:heart:
  2. It just says: Louis Vuitton Paris.

  3. Thanks a lot speyta. you're a darling!
  4. You're very welcome!
  5. Look at the LV website. Its easiest to see on the bucket. Its says LV paris made in france.
  6. Yes, but we've established that sometimes LV and eLUXURY upload slightly inaccurate pictures to deter counterfeiters or they were prototype/pre-production pictures.

    I was at the boutique today and personally saw the tag for myself; speyta's right it reads "Louis Vuitton Paris" only. There is no "made in" stamp.