Calling all Rose Leigh owners!!!

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  1. I just received my rose Leigh this morning and I noticed that the leather is much thinner than my raisin Leigh--she is also a lot lighter. I am just wondering if anyone else has noticed this with their rose Leighs? At first I was afraid I had gotten a really good fake but then I pulled out my raisin Leigh to compare her with and was able to assure myself that she is indeed real. I also noticed that she doesn't smell (weird I know) like my raisin Leigh. They are both made out of the same leather aren't they? PLEASE HELP. I know I am nuts, only you all would understand! :nuts:

    P.S. I will post pictures later on today.
  2. i'm not a leigh owner but i have several legacy things and they don't smell the same, even the black ones which supposedly have the same leather. :yes: all my four legacy pouches smell different too.

    as for the thickness of the leather, i think my pond has the thickest leather, followed by the gardenia (white), followed by the rose, whiskey and black (on par).

    can't wait to see your rose leigh pics! :heart: :heart:
  3. I only have the rose leigh so I cannot compare but I think the leather is slightly thinner than my other legacy bags I have had... Congrats on getting one. I love mine!
  4. When I got her out of the box, I was so surprised at how light she was and then I started smelling her, looking for the "legacy leather" smell and couldn't really smell anything. So I was so freaked out. I immediately started look for my raisin Leigh to compare. :P
  5. I have three Leighs...... let me pull them out of their dustbags and give them a comparison groping.

    I have found that the '07 Legacy shoulder bags have a different "feel" to their leather as far as stiffness goes......
    I think that it might have something to do with different dyes that are used on them.
  6. Today at the outlet I saw a rose legacy wallet that was made for the factory and it was lighter, cheaper feeling leather. I wonder if they ever made for the outlet rose leighs? If so, I haven't seen any, just curious.
    Sorry, I don't know about the different leather.
  7. I don't own a Leigh but I wanted to comment. I have a couple different legacy bags and sold one recently and returned another I bought off the bay. I was initially worried that the 06 black shoulder bag I bought was fake because it was a lot lighter than my 07 shoulder bags and 06 slim flap and the leather seemed thinner. But everyone reassured me that the legacy collection had various thickness of leathers and not to worry.
  8. When I first opened the box and saw how light she was, I immediately smelled her hoping to get the "legacy leather" smell but...nothing. So then I grabbed my raisin leigh and tried to compare them. It's good to know that your pieces all have different smells too. Pictures coming up after I've prettied her up! :nuts:
  9. OK, results of my highly unscientific 'test'.....
    All three of mine are of the same thickness in their leathers.

    The sniff test yielded better differences.
    The Black Leigh smells the most leathery (if that is even a word?)
    followed closely behind by the Gardenia, last place goes to the Rose.
    It has got to be something about the dye that affects the leather smell.
  10. :sweatdrop:I hope I didn't get an outlet version rose leigh?! She does look exactly like my raisin Leigh, down to all the tiniest details. She also has the legacy stripe lining so...:confused1:
  11. I don't mean to worry you MsAmie, all I know is I saw a rose legacy looking factory version wallet. It probably is meant to go with their other rose factory bags. I never saw any rose leighs at the outlets.
  12. I dont believe that the Leighs were ever made for the factory.
    The ones sold at the outlets were the leftover FP transfers.

    I didnt see any accessories at the outlet to go with the new Coral factory bags.....
    I think that those might be the Geranium accessories that have been there for the last month or so....
    The factory geranium color was definately off from the boutiques Legacy items IMO (the solid leather items were 'off', but the geranium trimmed items were spot on to the FP geraniums color)
  13. My Legacy shoulder bags all have different thicknesses....the whiskey is the thickest/heaviest, followed by the pond and then the rose. Although they all smell the same LOl!
  14. Mine smells like leather. I think she's quite heavy though I don't have another Leigh in a different color to compare her with. Maybe the leathers used may vary a little in thickness.
  15. Thanks so much for taking time to smell them Carrie! You are so awesome. Yeah I noticed that my raisin Leigh also has the most "leathery" smell that I love; the rose doesn't really have a leather smell. But I think after your test, it has really made me feel better about Ms.Rose. Thanks Carrie! :yes: