Calling All Rock And Chain Owners

  1. I've been seeing more and more posts of new rock and chains. Can you guys please start a thread in the reference library so we can all drool over your bags?
  2. Some of the Rock and Chains aren't out yet!! My SA told me my bag won't be in for another few weeks!!
  3. i think a few of us are waiting for the rock & chain large hobo, but those aren't out yet. only the flap bag is in stores now. i'm sure we'll start posting pics once they arrive. :smile:
  4. I'm waiting for the large hobo as well. It's probably the last Spring/Summer bag to arrive in stores, with my luck. I will post pics as soon as I get it.
  5. Jayne, they said another few weeks-prob sometime in may....AAAAHHH
  6. im i saw the rock and chain flaps at the chanel store but it looks smaller than the one ive seen posted on here. I got mines for $1975, is there a large size in the flap? anyone have any idea??let me know thanks!
  7. im thinking about exchanging it for the hobo? what do u guys think?? hobo or flap?
  8. @ xochanel: I'd go for the flap!

    It would be really helpfull if more of you would like to post pics and info about the rock and chain....please:tender: