Calling all Reissue owners...

  1. I know there is already a thread in the reference library on "classic flaps, reissues..." and "photos of you with your chanel", but I was hoping I could get some more photos please of ladies modeling their chanel Reissues, particularly sizes 225, 226, and 227. :sos:

    I have never tried on a reissue, but am thinking of waitlisting for the dark silver reissue and am just confused as to which size would be suitable for me. (oh ya, I'm 5'5ish? and about 110)

    Thanks!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. great thread, i know it took me a long time to sift through all the pictures in the other threads to find the pictures i needed to help me decide which to buy!

    anyhow, here's a pic of my 227 reissue-- for reference i'm around 5"5-5"6, around 110lb as well (we're literally nearly the same size so i hope this helps)

    i'm waiting for my 225 reissue to arrive, will post pics here when i get it for reference as well!
  3. You look FABULOUS!!! I love the whole look. And I thought I was thin. I am 5'5 but weigh 118.
  4. aww thanks imgg! :smile: you look gorgeous with your bordeaux 226 as well, that's one of my dream bags!!!!!!! i'm hoping to find the exact same one as yours some day, or perhaps maybe a metallic black 226 reissue... if i can get my hands on one! and you are thin, i've recently lost weight due to exam stress so after they end i'll be piling on the pounds again due to a return of the appetite :lol:
  5. oh, i didn't realize, but is the shoulder strap adjustable? (i prefer it shorter, kind of like the length of the shoulder strap on medium classic flaps)

    btw, nightshade and imgg, you both look so fab with your reissues!
  6. nope the shoulder strap isn't adjustable buuut sometimes i tie the straps together on the inside to make it shorter. it works, but can be a bit fiddly especially if i don't tie it properly :sweatdrop:
  7. I hope you are able to find it!! It's a great bag. I also hope Chanel continues making the reissues in new colors.

    What are you studying? Oh yes, I remember the days. I was a lot thinner during that time as well. 110 looks a lot better on you though. I think you look FAB!!!
  8. is the 226 bigger than med/large classic flap?
  9. Dear pinkcrazy, pls check the reissue thread or do a search, i think someone posted the dimensions of all the reissues and classic flaps for comparison....good information...:tup:
  10. thank you. I just checked and it is indeed taller and wider than the med classic flap. Thanks!