Calling all reformed Bagaholics! What is your perfect bag collection?

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Jan 18, 2008
Did you ever get to a point in your love of buying (and selling) handbags that you realize that your collection had gotten out of control? Im a reformed bagaholic who has, over the past few years, adopted a new "minimal" approach to life, and this includes bags. I'm in the process of trying to really pare down my lifestyle, and only have things that I truly love AND use, which fit into my style aesthetic. If any of you TPFers can relate, I'd love to hear about what your PERFECT and MINIMAL bag collection consists of. Whether it be 2 bags or 10 (15?) which bags made the final cut into your collection?
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Mar 5, 2016
Hello! Great thread.

I had a small collection of LV bags and SLG's (all new), 3 vintage Dooneys, 2 newer Dooneys (in patent), 1 Brighton (backpack), 1 Coach in multi-floral plus two Coach wristlets.

I sold all of the LV's (except the Pouchette Clefs in red vernis) for that one pre-loved bag I've been wanting for nearly 17 years (Cabas Mezzo), a pre-loved French Continental wallet (the long one), a pre-loved Toiletry 19 from 1994 and a brand new Favorite PM. I couldn't be happier - I use the Cabas and SLG's daily, and the Favorite weekends for date nights, etc.

I'm still not sure what to do with the vintage Dooneys and Coach items, but do want to keep the two DB patents and the backpack (it works great as a camera bag/purse when traveling).

Thanks for letting me share!


Crazy bird lady
Mar 31, 2013
I used to be a bit out of control. Now I actually concentrate on using the SLG and bags I own and stopped constantly going for more and more. Just yesterday, I found myself looking at a pretty backpack on Zalando outlet and suddenly felt really bad anxiety - it would be just one more bag in the closet. I have nice backpacks and need 0 more.

It took me years and so many mistakes to finally realise what kind of bags and SLG I like and need. Now I have mostly bags and SLG which I love, although a few are on their way out soon. I have no trouble giving up things, but tend to do it in bunches and before moving etc. Done enough of that in this lifetime so my closets get a thorough seeing to every few years.
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Jun 17, 2011
I've been downsizing my collection, buying and selling, and am very satisfied for now. I have about 15 bags:

5 small crossbodies (a mixture of casual and smart), lots of colours.
5 medium sized casual everyday bags (e.g. mulberry alexa and chloe marcie
5. big bags suitable for work or other things (e.g. mulberry bayswater, etc.)
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