calling all red flap owners

  1. got a call offering both 225/226 red metallic. have only one day to decide. shall i get it or shall i wait for the coming fall collection. while red metallic is stunning, would it be too flashy? red + metallic...could the dark red lambskin more reserved and classier?
  2. I think the dark red metallic is definately a trendier bag than the more classic dark red lambskin. It really is a matter of personal taste, I know a lot of pfrmers missed out on the 2007 red caviar flap, so if you think you might regret the red metallic go for it. If the colour is leaving you in doubt than don't go for it, there are always more bags coming up every season.
  3. I just received my dark red metallic 2.55 in size 225 yesterday.
    I am thinking that I will likely return it and wait for the red/burgundy/purple lambskin in pre-fall collection. I think the metallic dark red 2.55 is quite pretty, but I don't think I need another metallic bag for now since I already have the SS08 dark silver reissue. IMHO, I think dark red lambskin is more classic and versatile, and much easier to pull off.