Calling all Recital Owners

  1. Love it? Pros? Cons?

    If I take back my Beverly clutch, I'm thinking I would get this.
  2. I love it, it doesn't fit much but it depends on what you want it for
  3. Even though I don't own the Recital, I think it is very cute.

    Although, if I had to choose between the Beverly Clutch and Recital .... I would def want the Beverly Clutch. :yes:
  4. Here's a pic of me on holiday with my recital beside me it may give you an idea of size
  5. I had one..

    was too boxy for me, so i returned it
  6. I love my recital. It's a perfect "grown up" small bag. I like that the handle is just the right length for a shoulder bag and that it's quite structured. There's just enough room for wallet, keys, cell phone and a few bits of make-up.
  7. [​IMG]

    i was looking for an evening purse and i JUST got the recital. i saw a picture of victoria beckham carrying the recital and it looked so polished and chic (on the first page of the Celebrities & LV thread). i almost got the pochette accessoires because i have a cabas mezzo and i liked the convenience of being able to use the pochette as a small accessory inside my cabas mezzo (to organize it)... as well as using the pochette as an evening bag. but after trying it on, the pochette didn't look as much like a purse on me as the recital... it looked more useful as an accessory for a bigger purse. the recital is surprisingly roomy and fit all my stuff without a problem- wallet, cell, keys, a pack of gum, pepper spray, 1 mascara, eyeliner, 1 chapstick, 1 lip gloss, 1 lipstick, q-tips, mirror compact, hair bands, earrings, and my 2004 super big & bulky 20GB apple ipod e.t.c. before i bought the recital, i asked the sales associate if i could double-check and put all my stuff into the recital to see if it all fit... and it did, and with a little extra room to spare. wow i was surprised that i could fit all that, especially my bulky/big ipod.