calling all Python Paraty owners, help me decide.

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  1. hi! I need to decide if I want the paraty in python. I want to know if you guys are happy you spent the $$$ on the bag since it's a bit high. also
    how's the python wearing? Is there 1 perfect moisturizer I need to keep it silky smooth? Help!!!!!!!!! I love the bag, I think it's lighter then the regular leather but I'm scared to take the $$$ plunge.
  2. I have had the black python since last year, much lighter than the regular leather--although I don't carry it often, it still looks new. I also own the leather version, and the leather is wonderful, but I think the python version is the most stunning.
  3. I agree with llson, the python version is stunning. If you can afford it... go for Python Paraty... you won't regret it.
  4. same here...;)
  5. I have a Python Paraty in Black, and a Python Sally in Ivory. I love them, and they do look stunning. But, keep in mind that the python is hard to take care, especially the ivory one. The scalp do turn out a little bit, so, I am trying to figure out how to keep it down.
  6. tabolove26 thanks! let us know if you find a solution. I take very good care of my bags but I am worried that the tendency is for the python to curl.
    thanks chloe'75,lovepink, ilson for responding. I do love the bag just want to make sure it's gonna look great in a few monthes. anyone have any care solutions? I know I read on 1 website not to put anything on it, just to keep away from radiators etc.