Calling all PURSE owners

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  1. inspired by tnc727's thread, asking all you Purse owners out there(especially if you also have the First style), how would you convince me to go for the Purse instead of the First(or reverse?)

    i have a first and 2 cities and would lie to add another color(blue) to my closet. really like how the first looks on me(i'm 5'6", small built), but it definitely doesn't hold as much as the cities, though the cities' tassels get in the sometimes for me and i think the bag's a little big one me.

    any suggestions? advices?:shame: TIA!
  2. i have a purse and a first. i do love the first for nights out when i don't need to carry too much with me..a wallet, phone, and keys. that's about all i put in my first, and there is still room to fit more. i LOVE my purse as it fits plenty, but still holds it's shape very well, and it fits over the shoulder so perfectly i think. if you like the city, but it may be a bit big on you, the purse would be perfect!!! it fits so much. i just love my purse to death and it is the 1 purse that i probably would never let anyone i let me friends borrow a lot of my bags. probably doesn't help much, but for what it's worth, i think if you can still get a purse, it would be perfect.
  3. I have the Purse. It has the same size as CITY I reckon.

    The PURSE is alright, just choose a very nice color lik red
  4. I had a purse and returned it. The handles didn't stay on my shoulder and I didn't like the idea of only one way to hold it. I prefer the options w/ the city. It was pretty and roomy but just not for me.
  5. I have the purse in rouge's gorgeous...I love the shape and color so much.

    Can you go to a store to try it on? The handles just fit over my shoulder with a coat on, but I understand they stretch a bit with time. You can also carry it by hand or in the crook of your arm.

    Plus, Balenciaga is discontinuing the there is no purse in S/S '07 colors so now's the time to take the dive ;o)

    Here's mine:
  6. Purse is a less edgy bag and more feminine. You have to dress really nicely or you'd look like a granny with it unlike the City which is a modern, edgy and can spice up an ordinary outfit.

    Heres my blueberry purse:

    Attached Files:

  7. I took a quick pic of my BI First and blueberry Purse side by side to give you a comparison.

    For me, the two bags serve two different purposes. I use my Purse to go the mall, run errands, etc. The First is more for going out for dinner, drinks, etc. I tend to gravitate towards my First when I know it will be a short trip and I will not have my children in tow.

    It is nice to wear my first because the shoulder strap fits comfortably on my shouler while the Purse does not (I know sounds weird but it is true). I hope this helps! Good luck with your decision. ;)
  8. I have both and while my contents fit in the purse, the city is a little roomier
    I found the city strap useless (too short), but I think it really comes down to which design you like best.
  9. oops forgot the pic!

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  10. I love the purse more than the city since it can be worn on the shoulders :smile:
  11. I love the purse too, and would pick it over the First if I had to choose between them. It's roomier and very easy to carry over the shoulder. It's got a great, cute shape, and not very busy. I love my 3 firsts but I don't plan to buy any more. There's no limit to how many purses I'd like to have!
  12. i had 2 purses, they're not mine anymore though... but i def. used it more than i used my first. because it's bigger and can hold a lot of things.
    i love the style, the only reason i don't have them anymore because it can't contain my needs anymore. i need a bigger bag for my works and a worl and weekender fits more of my needs.

    i think the purse and first look more mature and classic than a city.

  13. I have two purses and I ADORE them! After trying every size I decided the purse was my #1 pick. Second would be the box. I also have a mini twiggy that's great for those times when you need a small bag.

    It's always going to be a personal preference type of thing but the Purse is my absolute favorite size. I love how it sits on my shoulder and it still looks good on my forearm too. I don't dress like a granny by any means and I think the purse looks perfect on me. I mostly wear jeans and nice button up tops with high heeled boots OR jeans with tee shirts and tennis shoes. I have an 05 caramel and an 05 black and I couldn't be happier with them!
  14. ^Lori, is that the 05 Caramel in your avatar? :drool:
  15. ^^Yes, it sure is. That's my baby!