Calling All Prune Heli owners - re:serial numbers and authentification cards

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  1. :sos: Ilson, Acshih,Lionlaw and any other Prune Heli owners out there - can you do me a favour and check the serial number on the non-hologramed side of the leather tag in the interior pocket of your Prune Helis please.

    I won't repeat the whole story of why I'm asking about this - but check out Jacicio's post on the 'Heloise Strap Length' thread for further info.

    If you ladies could let me know what the numbers are on your bags I'd be grateful ( I'm not asking for the number that matches the one on your authentification card, it's the number on the flip side of the tag that I'm interested in).

    Also, while I'm here, wanted to ask if you've ever had authentification cards with your Chloe bags in the past ( before the 08 hologram cards were issued) ? I haven't ever had one in the past (just round swing tags and care cards) but Jacicio tells me that these cards are standard with most Chloes....I am WAY confused now :confused1: :wacko::blink:...please help !!!
  2. Div and I noticed these new plastic authenticity cards just yesterday when we were perusing some Chloe Bays at NM. We were debating with the SA on the color of one Bay, so I said let's look at the round tag. Digging, digging (because the purses are stuffed with lots of tissues) we find this plastic card, at which Nat and I both say, "This is new?" So Chloes' now have plastic cards, care cards and round tags?

    I don't know if this helps but it's weird that you bring this up now.
  3. Susie, have you ever had any form of authentification card with any of your non- 08 Chloes bags? Maybe Jacicio got her wires crossed and was referring to the care cards ? Anyway, I've never had any form of authentification cards until I bought the 08 Pigalle Bay and Prune Heli.

    Did you and Div see anything that captured your heart:love: at NM yesterday ?
  4. No TAG we NEVER had these plastic authentication cards with our Chloe's. They are now present with the 08's. It's funny because Nat and I said unanimously(these are new)!

    Nothing earth shattering at NM. Get this though, the SA said purple is not the IT color for Spring (huh? come again)??? She maintains that Yellow and Green are the purse colors that are HOT HOT HOT (WTF, I'm thinking??). In the mean time I'm scoping the sales floor and all I see are purple/pinks, raisons, and out right purple hues hugging the bags on their stands?

    Div and I picked up a bag and said, "Oh a Saskia". The SA says, "How do you guys know this stuff?" I said we study it!!! Div says to her, remember I told you about tPF, LOLOL?

    Oh we had fun. Middle sister actually got into the hay and romped in purse activity. She tried allot on but we couldn't get her to buy (we're losing our touch!).
  5. I don't have any authentication card for any other chloes, this is new. the back side of the leather says: 7AS799-50.

    Hope that helps.
  6. Hi Tag:

    Non-08 bags do not have authentification cards. I was up to 13? Chloes in my madness. They ranged in years 06-07 and none had the hard plastic cards or the hologram. I believe the cards are a part of a new anti-counterfeiting campaign and began in 08. The dust bags also changed in 08. Piggy bay also has new card and hologram.

    The digits on Ms. Prune are 7AS799-50. My bag came from bloomies.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Tag, checking my number it is 7AS799-50, I have the halogram tag and round tag, the round tag has the new light color 'Chloe' imprint on the front vs. black.
    This year is the first year I've received an authenticity card with a Chloe--none of my previous Chloes have had the card, just the round tag.
    Hope this helps.
    Susie, funny about the 'it' colors, my SA told me it was the vermillion/orange/corals that are hot, which they had many of, but there was also purple and lots of metallics. And, how great you have your sisters to have 'purse fun' with--I have brothers, no sisters-- and my friends think I'm purse crazy and don't get my infatuation, so I really can't purse shop with them, I like to really dig around, try them on, and they just breeze through and shake their heads at the price.......I could 'wallow' around there for hours.

  8. Oh hell yes!! and a good SA will let you do it instead of being intrusive and pushy. The SA we had on Saturday (Marletta) is actually a real sweetie and my favorite gal at NMSTL. Trying on these (EXPENSIVE BAGS) teaches me so much about which style of bag works for me, along with color and patina. So now when I procure a purse randomly from let's say a Sacoche?? I feel better about my decision!

    lllson we would have fun together!!:okay:
  9. Susie, we would have fun. I need a good 'purseaholic' shopping buddy. Our NM has those 'follow you around' type of SA's telling me how good EVERY bag looks on me. I may have to go visit my brother (who lives outside of STL) to shop in peace....LOL However, his wife probably wouldn't understand, she's into VB--not that's it's a bad thing, but I just do get the quilt look.

  10. You come, we'll shop (DIV TOO)~~:woohoo:

    What's VB? My fashionista brain tells me Victoria Beckham but something tells me I'm wrong, LOLOL.
    Oh Marletta at NM will tell you yes or no when it comes to appropriate bag sizes on a person. Of course my two sisters are more brutal!!!
  11. Me too, Me too, can I join?? lately my shopping buddy had been my 80-year-old dad, :lol:. LOL, he is now much more into fashion than mom, and can name all these brands and even recognize fakes, figure that:upsidedown:. On the other hand, that tells you plenty about my shopping trips....
  12. I got curious and checked my serial number in the red Heli and it is same as everyone elses here. Anyays I have never had that hologram card before the ss08 season so I am pretty convinced that is new.
    Imagine how we would enable eachother if many people from forum went shopping together:nuts::lol:
  13. Hey, I love an honest opinion (I think), VB - Vera Bradley.
  14. :flowers:Thanks for that info mind is now entirely put at rest :yes: ( which is a rare thing these days :wacko:) x
  15. Oh, Tag – I feel so terrible for starting this whole thing :crybaby:! I did post a reply last night to clarify my earlier post re: authentication cards and serial numbers but imagine it was too late. What I wanted to clarify was that the only true “authentication cards” I was aware of are the new (plastic, credit card like) ones, that were introduced in 08. My previous comment re: “authenticity cards” was in reference to the hangtags and care cards – an obvious typo on my part. And yes, date codes also changed in 08.

    And, just a side note for everyone – we are already seeing fake bags with the new hologram stickers and plastic authenticity cards (on eBay.) Just wanted to let everyone know that the counterfeiters are onto this already…:cursing::tdown:

    I should have gotten back to you last night, Tag, but was too busy. As for my id – no worries about the spelling. If you did misspell it, I hadn’t noticed. You can still call me jen, if you prefer. I changed it because I preferred not to use my real name (as my id – don’t mind if those that know me here use it) and it always seemed weird to me that I was referring to myself in the 3rd person (I should have given it more thought when I signed up!!! I mean, isn't that the sign of a crazy person :nuts:? So, maybe not so far off, after all...) jacico is made up of the 1st two letters of our dogs names: jasmine, cinnamon & cocoa. Thanks for asking, though :flowers: You’re a doll :yes: And, I'm sorry again for all the trouble caused :hugs: