Calling all Praline babes!


Aug 22, 2009
Hi there,

I just bought my GC in Praline. it's been 2 weeks. love the colour! it's so neutral and sophisticated. just wondering if any of you bought any Balenciaga in Praline as well and can share with me how you take care of it or what are some of the things that i can do to make the colour last longer. Should i send in for water-proofing or apply sth that can prevent it from discolouring?

Thanks babes!


Mar 27, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
definately get it protected - the neutral colours pick up stains (especially from jeans!)and most of the time you don't even know how!
i waterproofed mine (i have the colour sahara) and i think it made a difference.. i also moisterised mine as when i got it, as it felt very dry, and the colour came back to life so def don't let the leather get too dry!