calling all Prada girls

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  1. Hi there -- it's your opinion on things that matters to me so if you have a second, can you check out the swakara coat my husband has offered to get me for our anniversary? Sorry to be off topic but - no one in the wardrobe thread knows me as well as you all do., and I AM holding my Prada fringe hobo in the wider pic showing the reversible side ;) It fully reverses to itself/sueded. Very light -- I'm a little concerned about how well it will wear -- have not had good luck with fur near cuffs, etc.

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  2. Oooh... your entire outfit looks extremely well put but I have to admit that I do prefer the suede being on the exterior of the coat... do you have other coat options?
  3. Personally I think it looks gorgeous on you :heart: And this coat appears to fall into that rare category of being a day or evening, dressy or casual coat...I'd say get it for that reason alone. I think it will wear, that's inevitable, but I'd say that this will age gracefully as it has a slight vintage feel to begin with.
  4. omg!!!!
    loves it on u!!!
  5. Absolutely gorgeous on you!! What a wonderful DH you have!! :okay:
  6. Oh, love both the coat and the bag! This is somthing I would wear as much as I could. I'm so into fringe and suede. You look great!
  7. Lilflo -- what is your avatar? Is that a food item?
    Thanks everyone. I do have other winter coats so this wouldn't be a daily coat tho I love it so much I can see wearing it often -- the reversible part really works for me and the color between black/brown/sandy/creamon the fur side spans most of my wardrobe for winter fall (heck most of that is black, who am I kidding?) I'll see how the smaller size fits when they get it in and let you know.
  8. It's beatiful, love that fur. GET IT. :tup::tup:
  9. haha! It is! The head is a lychee or a longan (a fruit - they look quite similar & I always get them confused), the body is a chinese birthday bun (in it is some kind of sweet paste) & the feet are halves of maraschino cherries. All connected by toothpicks. :roflmfao:

    so have you gotten the coat already!!? :rolleyes:
  10. OMG, I love the coat!!!! LUCKY girl you!
  11. Great pics! However, the in the shot on the right the coat does look a bit large on you. Not sure if it or if it is just the pic. I hate things too tight but, you definatly don't want things too over sized either. Good luck. It is an amazing look with your hair color.
  12. Wow, you look fantastic in that coat!
  13. I'm waiting for a size smaller to get shipped from another store and then will try it on again. I'm pretty sure I'm getting it -- got a huge thumbs up from my work colleagues (who are some serious fur people).

    I thought that was a lychee nut !!
  14. call me clueless but what exactly is swakara? which animal??

    you were close about the lychee nut though! my bro-in-law (french dude) obviously was a bit too bored during my mom's bday dinner & decided to mess around with the chinese food!