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  1. Hello ladies,

    So Im up at 5 a.m because I cant sleep....because I defend my Masters Thesis today at 10a.m!!

    I have to defend the project I worked on for over a year and a half for one whole hour! I'm trying not to freak out because I dont perform when Im under this type of stress....I want to be completely confident but its hard once youre in the moment.

    Anywhoooo....just wanted to post this thread and round up some support from my friends here at the Forum.

    Any advice on calming down right before?

    Wish me luck! Say a prayer! Eat some Lucky Charms cereal for me....something! j/k
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  2. i was a debater in high school, so i know that having to defend your arguments in front of others can be highly stressful, but DON'T WORRY - you've done this for a year and a half, you know your stuff, you're in control of what goes on. take a deep breath, listen to some fun music, and it'll all be over soon.
  3. Good luck. I'll have my fingers crossed for you. I'm pretty sure you're going to make it. If you've worked on it as hard as that, an hour will be nothing.
  4. Good luck!!!
  5. It will all come good when it happens. You've worked on this for a long time and you know your stuff back to front, even if you don't think you do. You'll do great! Do you do yoga? I find that relaxes mind and body. Or put on Ministry of Sound, "Chillout Sessions" :smile:
  6. I'm feeling SOO much better already...and its only 6 a.m.!...I knew you all would come through for me.

    Im going to look for Ministry of Sound on
  7. Good Luck! Sending good thoughts your way! You're making me remember when I took my orals, oh so very long ago.
  8. Oh those are some of life's most panicky moments...the moments *before*...but when you're up there,it'll come naturally. You're the expert,remember?;)

    Sending loads of good luck...and some meditation or yoga moves may help take care of the physical manifestations of your anxiety.:idea:
  9. good luck texaschic.....i have moot court oral arguments tonight so i kinda know how u feel....i'm terrified and i didn't put in nearly as much as a year and a half's work into it.....i know you'll do great :lol: and be sure and let us know how it went
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  10. Jc2239, sending good vibes your way too. Do ya feel the power!?? Lol! Good luck!
  11. thank u serenity......feeling the vibes :lol:
  12. Aah! Poor thing. I am new and not your friend yet but I am saying a little prayer just for you. Wishing you good luck!!!:biggrin:
  13. What's making you so nervous? Probably the fear of failing? I am the same way! But don't worry! You worked on your stuff for a LONG time and you know all about it! I am an undergrad student about to graduate, but in order to do that, I have to do a senior project (one year long). I am almost done with it and I am actually excited that I will have to talk about my work to others! Just remember that all of those people that'll be listening to you today were in your shoes before. They were nervous, too. Everyone is! You'll do great! Good Luck!!!!!!

    P.S. I ate some Lucky Charms cereal for you!:biggrin:
  14. GOOD LUCK! You'll be fine, it sounds like you're prepared and ready to go. Have confidence in yourself :nuts: Let us know how it goes.
  15. Agreed! You've been on this a year and a half. You know your stuff. Now go out there and wow them!
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