Calling all Pewter Hayden Harnett owners - want your input

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am considering the Nico in Pewter and I would like to know if anyone out there has pewter bags from Hayden Harnett. Several styles come in the pewter, anyone with a pewter, please post with pictures. Is it a really metallic pewter or is it a dull grey? Is the leather soft and supple or is it the flaky feeling that metallic bags sometimes have.

  2. I haven't seen the pewter in persosn, but it looks great on the HH website. You could always email them and ask, I've always found HH customer service to be great, it can't hurt to ask. Good luck w/ your decisions.
  3. I called and spoke with a SA, who was really nice and helpful, BTW, and she was encouraging about the pewter, but I would love to see a picture that show the color outside. She didn't think it was a "bling-y" pewter.
  4. I think the bag is wonderful!!! My friend has it and the leather is really soft and supple, not hard or anything like some metallic bags!! This is the picture from the website, and now that I bought I bag, they even given you a discount code for 15 percent after your first purchase!!!:heart: BUY IT, I highly recommend! :yes:
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Hilary - is your friend's pewter really shiny shiny or is more a matte grey purse?
  7. Well, it's not really dull and grey...but it's not all bling-y like the SA told you....hmm it's just a soft metallic kind of shine, it's very pretty. Does that make any sense???
  8. yeah - i am getting a picture. would you say that it is a casual color that goes with everything or is the bag in pewter going to be the accessory that stands out when you are wearing it.
  9. Well, because it's not too bling-y, I think it goes with most things, especially as an evening bag...but it's very large and functional too.... the bag itself and the color will definitely stand out though, and you'll get lots of compliments!!! :nuts:
  10. I have the pewter in the Mercer Satchel. I swore I would never buy HH again after an initial problem when they first started, but I like that bag. The color is great. It is different, but neutral and understated I think. Just different.