Calling all Petrol Hug Me Owners!

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  1. Can you PLEASE post any pics here in this thread along with any information regarding how well your bag has held up, how often you use it, when, how, etc? I am still considering this bag and would like to hear more. I would also love to hear from anyone who uses the new messenger strap as that would be important for me.

    I really love how the bag looks but I want to make sure it is practical for my lifestyle, which is usually pretty casual and often involves taking my kids out with me. My petrol MMS midi has some scratches on it but it is wearing well and I do condition it.

    Please? :rolleyes:
  2. Will do as soon as I get home tonight-I will even post mod pics so you can see how slouchy it has become. I use it frequently (casual and semi-dressy) and use the messenger strap about 50% of the time. The leather is really wearing well, and like you, I condition her and treat her lovingly. She looks fabulous!
  3. I don't have one in petrol but imagine it would be beautiful. I do however have one of these babies in Plum / Purple crash and am in LURVE!!

    Initially, I had reservations about the colour and the shape but it really is a very versatile bag and the small is so not small. This is coming from a big bag kind of gal.

    I didn't think I'd use the messenger strap very much at all but have found myself using it a lot. I often sling the straps across my body and position the bag either towards the front or the back (always ensuring it is completely zipped shut when it is worn near my butt :okay:smile: freeing up both my arms.

    I have to confess that when I wear the Hug Me on the crook of my arm I feel older but messenger style makes me feel like a carefree teenager, does that make sense?

    On a less positive note, wearing it messenger style does tend to cut into my shoulder a bit more than I'd like but that is probably due to the weight of the stuff carry around with me.
  4. Susan,

    Thank you so much! I would greatly appreciate all modeling pics and other images you can provide. I keep going back and forth with this style and it really helps to talk to people who are using the bag. I love to hear that you're using the messenger strap 1/2 the time; I imagine that is how I would carry it, too. Thank you!:rolleyes:
  5. I know what you mean about wearing it messenger style. I just feel as though I can move more freely with a bag when it's worn that way, and with kids, I need to be fast!:nuts: The purple crash is gorgeous. Thanks!
  6. Tejas-
    Here are the pictures as promised! One thing I did forget to mention.....the handles on my petrol have stretched a bit with use, and because the leather has gotten slouchier in the body of the bag I can actually wear it on my shoulder comfortably now. I hope they dont stretch out much more than they are now though!


    Here's my bag-a lovely puddle of blue softness....sorry for the flash!

    I do wish the messenger strap was the newer kind that adjusts-I have a short torso so it does hang a little long on me.


  7. I love the bag in petrol...might have to concoct a rescue plan for the one on the BE website.

    Gorgeous photos!
  8. Susan Lee - it looks fabulous on you! Do you feel like it's too wide to carry comfortably on your shoulder?
  9. SusanLee,

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures! It's amazing how helpful seeing modeling pics are when trying to make a decision. I actually think this bag looks good messenger style (in this size), and the petrol really works well on the Hug Me.

    I really appreciate these pics! The Hug Me looks fantastic on you.:tup:
  10. Thanks ladies!! This really is a wonderful bag and I highly recommend this style to anyone who needs a roomy bag (but not huge) that gives you holding options.

    Tejas-I am so glad I could help you! I think I will order a new messenger strap for it though, since this one is kinda long.


    It is only too wide if I stuff it full of junk. With just my normal everyday things inside, it is manageable on the arm BUT you cannot put your arm down straight when wearing it, KWIM? You have to kind of bend your arm and hold the bag/hook your thumb onto the front strap area.
  11. wow! thanks for the pics, Susan! that's awesome that you can now comfortably wear it on your shoulder!!!! I hope my Hug me gets to be like that!!!
  12. Yes, I love to hear that the straps are stretching a bit. I remember seeing pics of a petrol Hug Me in an airport or someplace--I think there was a yellow background (scarf or something). Does anyone remember that photo?

    Anyone else have pics to contribute?

    I will say that the petrol is really one of the most gorgeous colored leathers I have seen. It always turns heads yet it remains so neutral. I've never had to switch out my MMS midi because the color didn't go with something I was wearing. It's extremely versatile.