1. As many of you know, I recently got this beautiful Choo Riki. I LOVE IT! BUT.... after close inspection, I have noticed what looks like tarnish on two of the gold rings. I planned on exchanging it for another, but I can't find it anywhere!!! My feeling is, for this kind of cash a bag should be perfect. Do I keep it or return it? :shame:
  2. I don't blame you at all. It should be perfect considering you paid lots of $$$ for it.
  3. I would return it b/c it's gonna bug you forever. It would for me unless you can find another one to exchange it for.
  4. Yup, if you are a perfectionist like me, it's gonna bug you. Return it. Even if you can't find the same bag, I'm pretty sure you'll find another bag you'll love. Good luck!!
  5. Definitely return it. It's always going to bug you and ruin the beauty of the bag for you.
  6. I can be a perfectionist, but if you LOVE the bag--that's something to consider... Could you locate it through a JC store? I believe you mentioned previously that you bought yours through Saks...

    Also, is the tarnish on the front or in the back. If it's in the front, it'd bug me too much and I'd take it back. But if it was in the back, I could maybe live with it if it was a "perfect" bag!
  7. It is a lush bag but the bottom line it is bugging you and IMHO that will only get worse - if you can live with it fine but when I buy a bag I want it to be perfect.

    You have to weigh it all up - you can either live with it - or you can risk not having it - its a tough decision:flowers:
  8. I am a perfectionist too and examine all my bags like you do. But I have come to realize that once I start carrying it, I have to let the little stuff go -- or I won't use any of my bags and enjoy them. It is bound to get a little mark here and there if you really use it -- even if you are careful (which I am).
    In actuality, once I start using things, I don't notice the little stuff any more. Just a thought, if you really love the bag and can't find another...
  9. Thanks, girls... it's a hard choice! :sad:

    Wicked- the marks are on two rings on the front of the bag- the two most right on the strap. I'm going to stop by Nordies today- I think I remember seeing JC there. If not, I may try a JC store....
  10. Sort of my feeling about it. I bought a pair of Gucci snakeskin mules last year, the ones with that wicked gold pyramid heel. I SO did not want to wear them and scuff up the sole or the shoes. Then I realized how silly that was (I bought them to put on my feet!). I did give in a little and had those stick on anti-slip things put on them, but I do wear them now.

    Redd, you might try this if you decide to keep it: Go to a jewelry store or one that has jewelry cleaning products and buy a jewelry polishing cloth. Get a really nice one that has some cleaning product on one side and a plain cloth on the other. Use the polishing side on the least obvious part of the metal and polish it lightly. It may take that right off. Lots of these nicer bags have a silverplating on the metal parts and silver WILL tarnish. I've done this before on both bags and shoes and it works just fine.

    If it's just tarnish it will come off. If the PLATING comes off, I'd get a refund. Let me know how this goes. I've had my eye on that bag in the burgundy patent. I don't want to get it if the metal finish FLAKES off!!!:wtf:

    This is assuming you plan to keep the bag though. DO NOT DO THIS if you plan to return/exchange. They could refuse based on you having messed it up.
  11. Redd,

    What's the status on your bag? I'm really curious since this one is on my wish list!
  12. Prada- you're sweet to follow up, thank you. TY for your detailed suggestion, too. I've gone to Saks, Jimmy Choo and Nordies to see if they had the blue. No one does! Then, I contacted JC directly, and they said their buyers didn't purchase this bag in the blue for their US boutiques. Go figure... The imperfections aren't that noticeable, and I will say that compared to the bags I saw in the stores, mine actually looks nicer. So, given that this is such a rare bag, and I really love the color, I think I will be keeping it!!
  13. ^^^Mwwwaaahahahaha! I found one for you:
    Jimmy Choo - Patent Leather Bucket Bag -

    Begging the question: if they have it online, why can't they get one to your Saks for you?:shrugs:

    I love that bag! I feel sick for you that it's gone amiss!:crybaby:
  14. Aw, Prada- YOU ROCK!!! I just ordered it (with a 10% coupon, so I even save a few bucks!) so now I'll have 2 to choose from. Thanks again for looking out for me. Now... WHEN are you gonna get yours?!? ;)
  15. That was so nice! And you are getting a discount!