Calling all past or present Pomeranian owners!

  1. How often do Pomeranians eat? I feed him in the morning and in the evening, but he doesn't seem to eat much. He's 2yrs old, which is great because he's potty trained and does not jump on furniture. Anyways, he doesn't eat very much and goes to do his business when I walk him in the morning and in the evening and he doesn't go very much. I figured it was because he's a little guy but is this normal? Also should I brush him daily and wash him once per week? I'm taking him for a vet visit in 2 weeks but I was wondering about these things since I'm not getting to the vet right away. TIA!
  2. If you are feeding him a high quality food you will notice that the amount of poop will be less than that of a lesser quality food (less filler, and more useable calories). He's a little guy so only a little food is needed to keep him healthy and happy. I only feed my guys once per day after we have had dinner.

    I do suggest combing (with a steel comb - not a bristle brush... bristles don't get down to the skin) regularly. Even once per week should do, but make sure you get down to his skin, and comb everywhere!

    If your little guy gets dirty I suggest a bath. Bathing too regularly is not good for the skin, so I suggest that every dog's lifestyle is unique so you will know when it is time. I suggest a hypo-allergenic, organic shampoo that is tearless. I actually test the shampoos in MY eyes before putting it on my babies to help ensure that it is indded tearless. I buy mine by the gallon at they usually sell it in smaller bottles too (for non-groomers) so check it out!

    Enjoy your little monkey... and do you notice he spins in only one direction when he gets excited?? Mine did that and it amused me to no end!
  3. I once had a wonderful dog, not a Pomeranian, but she would go days without eating. Sometimes four or five days at a time. She lived to be 15 years old and was never sick.

    The vet said nothing was wrong with was just her personality not to eat.

    I hope your doggie is healthy and the vet gives you a good report!
  4. I forgot to address the grooming part of your question...sorry.

    It's wonderful if he lets you brush him every day. The three dogs (and two cats) I have now won't sit still for a minute so their hair is always going every which way. I do take everybody to the groomer's every few weeks, though. I wouldn't worry too much about bathing your little guy too much. If he doesn't play outside a lot every couple of months should be good.
  5. My girl eats kinda sporadically. She sometimes goes a day without her food. Brushing daily is GREAT! Washing once per week though will dry out the skin and cause some other issues. I bathe whenever she's stinky or feels like she needs it (it varies to once per month to about 6-8 weeks between baths). Kind of a play it by ear deal. As for soap, I found a great bar soap from a goat farm in NH. It rinses REALLY easily on her coat and goes on pretty easily too. She's a squirmer, so i need all the help i can get. It's called Pet Pleaser from Jenness farms if you're interested.
  6. If your pup is a handful in the tub you can always grab a sturdy suction cup and groomer's noose and stick them in the tub with no way to escape!! :biggrin: This makes life with self bathing quicker with less stress for you and the dog... everyone wins!
  7. I appreciate the input from everyone. I guess I would've been washing my poor baby too often! lol
  8. I have had 2 Poms, and neither one of them ate a whole lot, they would go all day without eating, and then just eat a little a night. Odd little creatures, but they are beautiful!
  9. Awwww I love pomeranians! I've had two of them in my life - my boy Fozzi ate like a pig, was a whopping 16 lbs, and lived 19 yrs. My girl Misti could have cared less about food, was 6 lbs, and lived 17 yrs. I guess it just depends.

    I just got a new puppy which is why i'm over here instead of Bal or LV...he is a Samoyed but looks like a huge pom puppy! I keep forgetting he is going to grow to 60 lbs! He isn't a very good eater, but we are trying to get him on a schedule of put the food down, wait 20 mins, take it up even if he doesn't eat it.

    Enjoy your new baby - post pics!!!
  10. I don't have Poms but I do have 2 pugs and their eating habits are similar.
    Some mornings or evenings they just don't want to eat and they just don't. I have no idea why this is, but then later in the day sometimes they will be so annoying because they are hungry since they didn't eat before (I put their food up in between meals if they didn't eat). I think your Pom is doing what is normal! Congrats on the Pommie!