Calling all Paraty owners!

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  1. Hi! Those of you that own the Paraty bag, do you carry your bag with the long shoulder strap attached, or do you carry it with that long strap removed? I'm very curious! TIA :smile:
  2. I keep the long strap attached, as I like being able to quickly go hands-free if I'm out and about and need the option.
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  4. I use the long strap about 75% of the time. I prefer the look of the bag handheld, but I live in a big city and often take public transit, so the attached strap is a must.
  5. Just got mine too and so far, I do like it with the strap attached as well. Its just more convenient that way knowing that I can go hands free when needed.
  6. I leave the long strap attach even though I prefer to carry the purse from the top handles.
  7. I always keep the long strap attached and tend to always use it and carry it over my shoulder. Sometimes I carry the Paraty using the smaller handles, in the crook of my arm, but I don't like to handle the straps too much with my hands (I might be a bit paranoid about getting them dirty). You can also carry the bag over your shoulder by using the small straps, which I sometimes do, if you are not wearing a coat or anything too bulky around your shoulders.
  8. I keep the strap attached. Partly to have dual functions, partly so that the entire bag would age equally. I wouldn't want the handbag to get beat up, meanwhile the strap stays brand new.
  9. i always keep it attached!
  10. I usually keep it attached, because I usually like to go hands free. Sometimes when I carry it by the top handles I stuff the strap inside my bag. Since the straps are a bit if a pain to remove I added lobster clasps to it, that way I can remove quickly and stuff the entire thing in my bag if I get annoyed at the long straps.
  11. Always attached, I use it all the time.
    I don't even know how to remove mine!
  12. I also keep mine attached, but I CANNOT hold bags in my hands/on my arms. I don't know why. It drives me insane. So I only buy bags with shoulder straps!
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  14. What a beautiful color of Marcie on your avatar, Dottiebbb
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