Calling all owners: Reissue 2.55 and Classic Flap


May 15, 2009
Silicon Valley, CA
Being very new to Chanel Flap bags, I noticed that there are many more Classic Flaps on the resale market, as opposed to the Reissue 2.55. Is there a reason? For example, is there a larger production of CF compared to the 2.55? Or do you as an owner, find yourself reaching for your 2.55 over your CF?
I decided to get a 2.55 solely because I can carry it crossbody. Maybe the CF, which is shoulder carry, will call to me later. Do the mini CF go crossbody?
I'd love to hear (read) everyone's thoughts! [emoji8]


Apr 15, 2015
Sunny Florida
I think the reason there are more Classic Flaps on the resale market is because they are generally more popular, so there are more of them out there, and they have a higher re-sale value vs. the Reissue/2.55, so re-selling Reissues isn't as lucrative. I have both and use them about equally. CF was my first love, but I really like the Reissue/2.55 for being more understated and its ability be worn cross-body. But if I could only keep one style, M/L CF would be it. The Mini Classic Flaps can be carried cross body....both rectangular and square, but some people prefer one shape over the other depending on height, build, etc.


Jan 20, 2015
Seems like there are just more Classic Flaps out there because it appeals to more people. That's likely because of the overall design, visible "CC" (for those wanting brand recognition) and Chanel seems to make it in more colors.

Personally though, I gravitate towards the Reissue more as I like its understated elegance and the calfskin leather. It is a pity resale value isn't as great as the CF, but I still love them. :smile:

Yes the mini CF can be worn cross body, but depending on your height and the shape of the bag (square vs rectangular) you may prefer one over the other.


Jul 22, 2016
I have a medium-sized reissue 2.55, I use it as a shoulder bag as it doesnt look nice on me as a crossbody bag
while I do use my mini CF rectangular as a crossbody bag as its nicer that way.

Having said that... I've seen youtubers who own 2.55 (small) for crossbody bag since it's quite proportional.
Apr 24, 2009
Yup, the classic flap relatively has a higher resale value. I think demand is more for classic flap. But I did find the reissues' resale price was not as low as it was before.

I love both reissue & classic, both are beautiful in their own ways. IMO, Neither can replace/outdo each other :heart:

The minis can be worn crossbody than m/l classic flaps. The square has a shorter strap length than the rectangular. Depending on your height, some people find the square too short for crossbody, some people find the rectangular strap too long.


Sofa King Banned
Jun 2, 2017
Yeah as a smart shopper get the classic! Way better quality real gold plated hardware and most importantly better resale value!!!


Feb 28, 2015
I use my reissue more but I *need* the classic flap in my collection (if that makes sense?)