Calling all owners of darwin leather bags!!!

  1. Following on from an observation in the authenticate this thread, I am now on a mission to clear up my confusion and anxiety :hysteric:concerning the care cards for darwin leather!

    Now, I have just checked all my cards, and it seems that I have a mixture - some use the spelling 'waterspot' and some spell it 'waterstop'. Seems a bit odd to me :s especially as my can of spray says 'waterstop'. Could this be a genuine Mulberry error - ie some batches carry this spelling mistake, , or is something more sinister going on????

    Sooooo, I was wondering if you kind ladies would mind checking your cards please, and help prevent a demented alycat from going completely loopy loopy looo????

    Thanking you in advance :flowers:
  2. I think that the brown care cards have "waterstop " and the newer cream ones say " waterspot" . I wouldn't worry too much about it .Think they just changed the wording rather than anything sinister going on .
  3. Yes- the one I got from Mulberry on Brompton road says waterspot !!!!
  4. The card that came with my Bayswater from the website says "waterspot".
  5. Phew! Thanks girls :flowers:

    My cards are all the newer cream coloured ones, so I was getting kinda concerned. Panic over!

    Yay, tPF to the rescue:tpfrox: