Calling all outlet legacy bags!

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  1. *mods: I promise I searched but I could not find a topic about the wear/tear*

    Have you used your outlet legacy bag? How is the leather holding up? I know it is going to look worn in and I would love to see pics.

    Does the leather loosen up a bit so it's not so structured?
  2. Good question. I looked at them, but the leather seemed so stiff on the tote. I would love to see it after it has been used awhile.
  3. I was actually looking at them again last week at the outlet, and I do like the "ali" one, but I just couldnt bring myself to get one! I dont know if Im just being a snob because I own the classic Legacy pieces or what, but I want to like this line as an alternative to my other Legacy bags. Maybe its the colors that are turning me off - I already have enough black and tan bags, and the raspberry just doesnt do it for me. They are 50% off already, though, so maybe they arent selling so well.
  4. Hi all,
    I got the 'Ali' in raspberry on Dec 30 and have pretty much used it since then. I have to say that I am quite impressed on how the leather has softened up. Really has sort of a squishy feel like my '06 Ali's. The main difference would be the wt. of the leather as the factory bags are lighter. Lots of comliments on this bag....I was in a Coach boutique last Sat. and the SA's were so impressed with the bag and were shocked that the boutiques 'did not have them yet'....shows what they know. So all in all, in conclusion I am very, very happy with the '08 outlet ALI.

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  5. I had the same bag as The Artist, unfortunately I did not have a great experience with it. I used it one time (which means I carried it for about 2 hours, max) and when I got home I noticed the corner of the bag was cracking and the leather color had almost rubbed away. I went to return it, because I didn't think this was normal wear and tear. They manager kind of gave me a hard time about it, and told me that it was normal, that where ever the bag will rub the color will slowly fade. This didn't seem right to me, so after much of his squishing and bending and pulling on the bag, he returned it for me. The leather seemed like it had the potential to soften greatly, I just never got around to using it enough to find out. HTH!
  6. I'm like donnalynn11...I have so many of the Legacy and Hampton Vintage from FP (probably half were snatched at the outlet) and I can't bring myself to buy one of those made specifically for the outlet. The leather doesn't look the same (quality or something) as the FP Legacys. I will say I'm not very happy with the selection of bags at Coach right now. Where are the GREAT Legacy and Hampton Vintage? I know alot of you girls love the Sabrinas. But I don't. I don't like the leather, the gold Coach emblem, the gold charms, etc. I feel it's a "trendy" bag and once it has run its course, it'll be over. JMHO. If a PCE came out right now I probably wouldn't even use it.
  7. Gosh, I haven't used either of mine yet! I have the raspberry shoulder bag and the brown (whiskey? camel? I forget the color name) "ali" bag... I like them both but haven't had an opportunity to use them yet; I will try to keep this thread in mind and update as they wear.

    Too many bags to pick from though, so my bags don't wear in quickly at all!
  8. How much do the factory ali bags run anyway?
  9. ^^ I don't know what they are at now... they were 50% off whatever the factory price was but I don't remember that price lol!
  10. I pais $169 for my raspberry Ali and that was with the 50% pff plus another 10% off at the Gulfport MS outlet.
  11. they are $179 after 50% off
  12. I got mine at the outlet last night for 120.00 and it was the only one in the store with legacy lining...she said it was a transfer:yahoo:
  13. If it had the Legacy lining it wasn't a "made for outlet" Legacy bag, right?
  14. yeh i dont think it was MADE FOR A OUTLET....I think she said they transfered it..I got a legacy sholder bag in black leather and it has pink lining..
  15. I paid around $230 for my Raspberry Ali, but I bought it when they first came out.