calling all ostrich leather owners

  1. i want to buy a bearn wallet in ostrich leather. what colour looks the nicest? i love it in gold but thats the only colour i've seen!

    most of my bags are black (exception: my BJ birkin). any recommendations in colours?
  2. Vert anis or vert chartreuse look nice in ostrich. I think it is also available in fuchsia.
    You should check the leather book in your H boutique to see what colours ostrich comes in.
    Having said that, I still think that it really rocks in gold.
  3. Would you believe I'm not going to say black? I actually think brighter colors look best in ostrich, such as tangerine and violine. Vert anis is nice, too, if you like green.
  4. Bright colors that make you forget you are looking at a plucked bird skin--Vert Anis and Fuschia are beautiful. Red is nice, Royal Blue sounds good and someone here has Raisin which is gorgeous. I share the opinion of some others that natural pale tan is rather too natural.
  5. haha. thats hilarious!
  6. I have chocolate and luv it. Remember too that ostrich darkens with use and oils from hands. That said I feel that the darker colors don't show this as much. This may be more of a concern with bags because of handles tho.

  7. I recommend the VIOLETTE OSTRICH WITH phw (CURRENTLY AT NYC MADISON). i have it and the rich violet purple is very forgiving and goes with everything!
  8. Gold or cognac would be a nice addition to your black bags....if you want color, fushia or vert anis!!
  9. I've got chocolate too and I love it! Most of my bags are either black or neutral so the chocolate goes well with everything!
  10. i love vert anis in ostrich, violet is another top choice too!!!
  11. Sus has a :tup: point here. I say go for dark colours like chocolate too.
  12. FUSCHIA!! Ostrich is so pretty in fuschia - especially for a wallet!:tup:
  13. One must make sacrifices if they want to carry ostrich! (love it in colors, but practicality says darks to better avoid discoloration)
  14. Yes...Kellybag I agree.:yes:
  15. i really love the chocolate colour. and raisin too. i'm hoping to add ostrich birkin in gold to my handbag collection (a present hopefully) so i think the chocolate would go rather well with it!
    thanks everyone :smile: