Calling all Olympe owners...

  1. I'm aware these bags have a wrinkled look but I've noticed on one bottom corner on my Stratus PM looks soo worn it might rip. I haven't even used my bag yet! Anyone else notice problems with their Olympe bags or is it just mine? I will try to take a pic but my digital camera is not the best for up-close pics. I feel like crying as I love this bag.:crybaby: but for me it's simply too much money to spend on a purse only to worry about how long before it falls apart.

    Anyhow I'm off to LV tomorrow to either exchange it for another or if I get the impression from you ladies and the SA's that there might be even the slightest issue with these bags then I'll probably end up exchanging it for something else.:sad:
  2. I don't have any problems (yet??) with the stratus so I can't be much help there, however, I did notice that the leather is very thin when you feel a single layer of it. I do think it would tear easily.:s
  3. Thanks slayer, I hope maybe it's just this one and I can exchange it for another. ;)
  4. I'm surprised as I thought they were fairly tough?
  5. I had the exact same experience so I sent it back and the store is stating they won't return it or exchange it! I haven't even worn the bag! The shipped it to me like that I am furious!
  6. Yikes...I guess I better make sure I really really inspect my Stratus before Ibuy it!