Calling all Olympe Owners!!

  1. I finally made my decision and exchanged my Speedy Grey Patchwork for the Olympe Stratus PM in Ecru. It's such a gorgeous piece.:heart:

    My SA told me to be careful with jeans and clothes that may bleed into the bag. Now, I'm kind of afraid to use it:sweatdrop: Is there anything you can do to protect the leather from the color transfer? What have you used?
  2. I own both the speedy and the PM, and I'd have to say that the PM doesn't really do anything for your outfits.

    But good luck on your purchase.

    Thanks for letting us know about the color transfer, yuck!
    I wouldn't want any other color on it. :p
  3. i haven't had any problems with my Stratus PM, and i've carried it with dark colors and jeans
  4. Ahhhh awesome bag....great choice i think!
  5. that's exactly one of the reasons why I was afraid to buy and olympe bag

    let us know if you figure something out
  6. No problems here either:smile: just be sure your dark jeans are washed before you wear them the first time, they can rub of on anything including light colored shirts.
    The Bags seem to have a bit of a glaze on them & I think it keeps them from getting dirty too easily unlike untreated lambskin.
  7. congrats! my advice^^^^ wear white!:yes:


  8. My SA told me the bag has been "scotchguarded". I wonder if they did this after they found out about the color transfer.
  9. Not scotchguard, but an actual glaze over the lambskin. There is no smell & the bag is super soft, but a little polished feeling:heart: it's wonderful. I don't think the bags were treated after the fact as dye transfer has existed since denim & over-dyed fabrics were invented.
  10. I got my cirrus almost a month ago and used it every day since then. no problems with it at all.
  11. I haven't used my Stratus PM yet either, but I agree it does feel like there is something protective on it. Thanks for asking this question as I had not even thought of it and I adore this bag and want to treasure and protect it!