Calling all Olympe Owners!!

  1. I finally made my decision and exchanged my Speedy Grey Patchwork for the Olympe Stratus PM in Ecru. It's so gorgeous:heart:

    My SA told me to be careful with jeans and clothes that may bleed into the bag. Now, I'm kind of afraid to use it:sweatdrop: Is there anything you can do to protect the leather from the color transfer? What have you used?
  2. yay congrats!!!! isn't it the most beautiful bag ever?!!!:tup::heart::yahoo:

    i haven't put anything on it to protect it.....but i make sure my clothes are washed real color doesn't come out!!

    i've been shopping quite a bit for some clothes before the vacation, but i've washing them away!!!

    i get more compliments on this bag than any other ones i have! enjoy!:heart:
  3. i'd say some leather protectant? but i wouldn't spary AG or SM b/c they r for the rougher leathers like vachetta, try search in Chanel forum b/c there are more lambskin purse in Chanel than LV. good luck!:flowers:
  4. Congrats - the stratus is a gorgeous bag.
    I've only used mine for one short trip but I think you should be fine so long as you aren't in the rain for your clothes to get wet. And I would stay from new dark coloured jeans/pants when you are carrying the stratus.