Calling all Olsen Tote owners..

mama b

Oct 1, 2006
The Emerald City
I just received my tote from a very very reputable seller. I had it authenticated in the forum before purchasing it as well. It was deemed authentic. May I add, I'm pretty good at authenticating bags as well. : ) The bag has all it's appropriate markings. The tote I received is in immaculate condition! It shows no signs of wear. Hence, my hesitations for a 2002 bag...The leather feels "different?" I pulled out my '07 Cabas which has rough leather, my wallet has smooth lambskin, my '07 flap is pebbled. This tote feels nothing like any of those. I've read some women saying theirs is buttery soft? It's soft, but not the softest (my '08 balenciaga's TDF leather) butter I would imagine.

Anyone who has any opinion on the leather of the 2002 Large Olsen tote would be so helpful. Thank u!
Jun 3, 2006
it is very smooshy compared to my other bags. To me it's not buttery soft but smooth soft.
It's really hard to explain.