calling all of my LONDONERS!!

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  1. hey y'all! Im gonna buy my first ever balenciaga bag fra harvey nichols in London, but just wondring, do you get a balenciaga shopper or a harvey nichols one? I really want the balenciaga shopper , LOL. Thanks!
  2. I got a Bal from Selfridges and I got a Selfridges bag; not sure if Harvey Nicks is the same though.
  3. harrods have a 10% sale on balenciaga last week... with some credit card promotion not sure which one though coz i know it from my friend...
    also not sure if it's still on now
  4. You'll get a HN shopping bag. As far as I know you'd only ever get a Bal shopping bag from the boutique itself...
  5. what's a shopper?
  6. Yap, just the B dust bag, in Harvy Nicks white plastic bag. No box or B bag.
  7. i think u will get HN shopper but beware that bal's prices there are higher than the boutique