Calling all NYMA owners

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  1. I have a question regarding NYMA Navy Jumbo. Does it come with special white box? and white dust bag? or does white box & white dust bag only exclusive to everyone who bought their bag from Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit in NY?

    TIA :biggrin:
  2. Hi there. All NYMA flaps should come with the white box/special dust bag... that's how my red baby was packaged. A few of us didn't receive the white dust bag, and after we called the boutique, and they sent it to us free of charge. I know the red flaps sold out asap (only 75 were made, AFAIK), but there were more navy Jumbos. Extra stock was probably shipped out to certain boutiques and those boutiques may not have received the proper box/dustbag, etc. Either way, it doesn't detract from the bag, but I personally love having the box/shopping bag (the SA sent it!) and commemorative dust bag. :smile:
  3. The seller bought the bag from Beverly Hills Chanel boutique and she said that she was given black box & dustbag. The thing is I would love to get the white box&dustbag.. :smile: if i still have the receipt, will other boutique give me the proper box &dustbag? Do you know any SA/boutique that will provide me these :sad:
  4. Try the boutiques in NYC.
  5. I will try NYC boutiques.. Thanks so much fieryfashionist & MIffy27. Hopefully I can get one :smile:
  6. That is exactly what happened to me too and after I had mine from the NY Boutique a few months later my SA from Las Vegas called to say that they have received stock that was left. Hope you can track down one-The white box is special!