***Calling all NOVEMBER MOMMIES!!! Who's due???***

  1. Hi guys! Just checking in...

    I was curious...when did you "pop"? With our DS, I didn't really pop until I was 22-24 weeks along, but with this PG, I popped so much earlier - about 16 weeks! I know they say you pop sooner with second, third PG's and just wondering if you have found this to be true...

    Also, have you guys decided on names? We like traditional names, so we are going with Katherine or Caroline if it's a girl and John, Jack or Patrick if it's a boy...easy enough :p

    Hope you are all feeling great!
  2. I feel like I've been huge for forever, but just now at almost 23 weeks are people comfortably asking me about my pregnancy. I guess before they just I was getting a little chubby.:graucho:

    In my case I feel as though I show sooner each pregnancy, but I usually gain about the same amount in total. This time around I haven't even looked at the scale in the Dr.'s office. I have no idea what I weigh. Maybe I'll check at my appointment tomorrow.

    As far as name go we have a system. The first name is from the Old Testament and middle name from the New Testament. So far we have:
    Ezekiel James
    Caleb Andrew
    Yosef Matthew and
    Gideon Timothy
    This baby will be Hilkiah Stephen. I know it's a lot for them to spell, however my 9 and 7 year old are excellent spellers. We'll see about my 5 year old who will be starting kindergarten next month.;)

  3. Oh about...17 or 18 weeks! And as for names...

    We have had the girl name for oh, 6 1/2 years! That will be Gwenyth Rae! And the boy name (just decided 48 hours ago!) is Grant Richard! We are SO excited!!!!
  4. I popped at about 20 weeks. Today, I am 23 weeks and people were saying (at a wedding I attended to do) that I am finally showing. Whatever that means, since I started wearing maternity clothes at two months. :lol: I think I was so excited...I was just ready!
  5. I hate to say it im in denial because i been squeezing in my regular clothes. I recently bought some maternity pants/shirts, but for the most part i pooped at about 16/18weeks. I'm currently 21 weeks. Names its a girl........ So far Leah A:thinking:'pearl. Still thinking
  6. im almost 25 weeks and ive popped but not to the extent where you are like whoa shes for sure preggers..
  7. i've finally "popped" last week at week 22... (at least what i think is has "popped", i decided for fun i would measure my tummy circumference and it's 35.5"). i haven't purchased maternity jeans or clothes (not sure if i will since the summers are too hot for pants anyways in hk) but LOVING just living in maxi dresses during this time of year!

    i hope everyone is feeling wonderful these days!! :smile:
  8. I've been wearing a lot of maxis too, but have three pairs of maternity jeans. I started shopping for maternity clothes as soon as the dr confirmed my pregnancy. :lol:

    I have a lot of things, but have been wearing regular (jr's) maxis from Ross....wearing my regular clothes to work...and can even wear my regular jeans buttoned/zipped under my tummy.
  9. Oh, I'm having a girl...her name is Mckenzie, but she doesn't have a middle name yet :sigh:
  10. We have a similar system...we are going with Saint's names...it's so interesting - how people choose their baby's name!

    Has anybody had incontinence issues :p I did with our DS - when I would cough or sneeze and now I do with this one, so I have to wear pantyliners. I did kegals, but it doesn't seem to be working. I went back to normal after the birth of our DS, so I am hoping for the same with this one!
  11. I go for the one hour glucose test this afternoon...does anyone know how long it takes to get the results back? TIA!

    Hope you guys are feeling good!
  12. I don't know. Mine is next week Lilwalnut. Let me know what you find out. :smile:
  13. Make sure you post that "LilWalnut" I have mines next month. Little scared its a lot going on and im not that good with time and making sure i get there to take the test before the hours up, but it sounds serious so i will stay on top of it.
  14. I been living in this one black maxi dress :graucho:, but to work i been wearing my maternity pants starting today, which isn't that bad. I have been hitting up target like its the best thing moving. I forgot I bought another maxi dress from them too. I found some work pants for 2.18 there too can't beat it with a stick. My grandma was here and bought me some maternity jeans which are pretty cool too.
  15. They said they will have the glucose test results tomorrow!

    You have to drink the solution within 5 minutes and time it so you finish it exactly one hour before your appt. time...then, arrive 15-20 minutes early for your appt. and let them know you finished the drink at such and such a time. They will let the nurse know so she can draw your blood at the correct time (I had to remind the nurse, though...)

    So, I finished the drink at 2:20pm and my appt. time was for 3:20pm. I showed up at the OB at 3pm and the nurse drew my blood at 3:20pm...sounds so confusing, but really easy :p

    GL to everyone taking the test!

    I now have to go every 2 weeks to the regular OB, plus I go every 4 to a high risk doc...ugh, lots of appointments coming up.