***Calling all NOVEMBER MOMMIES!!! Who's due???***

  1. Hi Ladies, I just found this thread and I'm a Nov mommy too! My second child, dd, born Nov 3. But I have an issue I wanted to ask/solicit advice from all of you. My first child never had a strike against bf, but for the past 2 days dd has refused to bf. As soon as I bring her to the breast, she screams bloody murder until I take it away. Has anyone experienced that before? What do I do? I don't want to starve her, yet I don't want to pump and bottle feed her. I actually pumped in the beginning for about 4 weeks since her latch was horrible and she was a slow eater. The past few weeks her latch while bf was great and she was an efficient eater. Now this hurdle. Any help would be great! TIA!
  2. hi ladies! i just thought i'd revive the thread and see how everyone's LO's are doing!! Can't believe how the time has flown by-- being already 4+ months!! But hope everyone is happy and healthy!!
  3. Hey all!
    Hilkiah is now 5 months and he's amazing. We still haven't had his genetic testing done, but he hasn't had any delays. He's doing everything I was told he wouldn't be able to do. He's even hitting milestones before his brothers did. He is full of love and smiles! How are our other November babies?
  4. Annie Pants is doing great!!! We are starting cereal this week sometime! I exclusively BF for almost 3 months but now that I am back to work my milk supply is crap...but we are still trucking along!!!

    She sucks her thumb, LAUGHS so much and runs her legs when she gets excited!!! She recognizes all of us, including Windsor the dog and it is just great! She has been sleeping through the night since she was 5 weeks! I tell everyone that I am just going to have hell to pay when she is a teenager! :smile:

    I, too am curious to know how everyone is doing! I am nervous to introduce food to her...any suggestions on making that transition easy?!
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    C:\Users\CRE\Pictures\baby leah\100_0503.JPGHi Ladies i thought i would refresh this thread and see how everyone's doing? My LO is 6months today and her momma couldn't be happier!!! Leah is eating ceral/rice/veggies and some juices. She still loves that bottle. She's sleeping through the night as of maybe end of '4month. She's been teething off and on. No teeth yet momma's waiting :smile: She's just an angel sent, all laughs, giggles, and much love. How's everyone doing?? Please give a update guys.........
  6. Annie Pants!!! 6 months old, 18 lbs, 7.5 oz!!!
  7. Annie is trying to cut teeth, and she just got over chicken pox! If you know anyone who has it, have a pox party! Let me tell you I can say NOW that it was a LOT easier than I thought...although I FREAKED for about the first four days!!! She did really good!
  8. Hilkiah is 7 months today. He's doing very well. His Down's seems to be pretty mild. He is farsighted and wears glasses now. It is the cutest thing!
  9. Well hello Mommies! How is everyone? What's new with your 2 1/2 year olds?
  10. My little 1 was born in November 2009 toilet training him ATM and God it's hard!