Calling all (Non-exotic) Leather Experts - Recommendations please...

  1. Hi Ladies (and Gents),

    Can you please help recommend a regular leather that would give off a deep rich hue (e.g. clemence) for dark dyes?

    I'm prefer either matte or with a nice subtle sheen...

    I've already ruled out togo, chevre, box calf & barenia. Chamonix might be too flat.:shrugs: Maybe swift?:confused1:

    I'm open to any other suggestions... I prefer not to do clemence again as I already have two bags in this leather.

  2. The color is definitely most saturated in swift...

    What about Vache Liegee for sheen?
  3. Fjord absorbs color beautifully as well and is matte and hearty. What color were you thinking?

  4. I second this. I think Marron Fonce in Fjord would be TDF! :heart:
    Ohhh why and why I ever let her go..?:crybaby:
  5. Also Fjord mate effect..:heart:
  6. havanne in swift. I haven't had it for long, but I think I love swift.
  7. I curently have a Vache Liagee Birkin and had a Fjord. I would say that Fjord holds brighter colors. The VL seems to carry color in lighter tones, but with a noticeable sheen that is unique. These two are extremely hardy leathers that are perfect for everyday use and are both rigid unlike your clemence leathers. Epsom might be another good option. I have a Kelly in raisin and it has a rich hue to it with a bit of sheen.
  8. I think swift would be great and the colors are very rich and pop! Swift is also matte with a subtle sheen. It's also a bit lighter than clemence.
  9. hello,
    Firstly- and I'm sure you've already done this- but the leather book in the Hermes reference section may give you some ideas/ more info.
    Secondly, I bought a Kelly recently that I assumed was a chamonix (matt boxcalf) because it was smooth with a slight sheen. However, on closer inspection I discovered a faint texture, leading me to believe that it may be either evercalf or evergrain (I'm awaiting confirmation from the shop). If you want a leather that is light, beautifully soft with a subtle sheen this may work for you. It is a really nice in between leather because the texture is so faint it is almost invisible yet it is more hardwearing than boxcalf.
    Hope this is of some help.;)
  10. As recommended above, either Fjord or Vache Liegee best meet your requirements.

    Fjord will hold the dyes better - colors appear really rich and deep in it - it has a gorgeous matte texture and a distinct grain.

    The Vache Liegee has a subtle sheen and might also be good, but colors usually appear lighter rather than deeper in this leather, so you'd have to play a little more to find a color you love.
  11. Swift takes the colors most intensely-almost like different colors altogether. Epsom has some sheen to it...
  12. This is a beautiful combination..... I let one go, too and cannot get over it....

    HL, is it for a small item or BIG BAG???
    We need more hints for drooling purposes.:drool:
  13. it'll be big & dark. great suggestions... keep it coming, please.
  14. FJORD definitely has rich, matte colours. Don't know what particular colour you're considering but Indigo looks :drool: in this leather.
  15. HL, can you tell us what led you to rule out the others? That may help us with our thinking!

    BIG, eh???
    :yes: :graucho: hmmmmmm.......