Calling all NM short Hills Mall shoppers

  1. Hi there,
    I have purchased several bbags at NM but have never clicked with one SA. Anyone you recommend? also could you describe her (I'm sure I'd recognize the description, but maybe not the name).
  2. I never purchased a handbag from there, but I called a few weeks ago and spoke to a guy named Lee. He seemed nice and was helpful.
  3. My mom has a SA there named Bonnie. We bought a Chloe Ascot tote from her and she is very nice. I don't know her that well, but know my mom deals with her.
  4. IMO No one there is that helpful Sorry
  5. I use Bandy Cheng there, and she's been good (I wouldn't say that we "clicked" though). Helpful, and not too pushy. I get most of my bags at Saks in NYC (where I live), so I haven't used her much. I went there last weekend though and was ready to strangle Bonnie. It was the first time I had met her and Bandy was nowhere to be found. I had picked up the MJ Hudson bag and she was all over me. I love the look of the bag, but don't like that the large middle compartment is open. She kept on trying to convince me I was wrong. (Listen, lady. I live in NYC and want it to close. Case closed. No negotiation!). I kindly told her that I am just beginning to look for fall bags and therefore want to keep looking around, but she followed me EVERYWHERE and commented on EVERY bag I picked up. I'm sure you are all like I am -- I pick up a bag, try it on, look inside, look at it again, and move onto another. repeat. repeat. repeat, until I find the one (hopefully just one) I want. I told her nicely that I'd like to keep looking on my own and would bring the bag to her when I was ready to buy, but she didn't get the (very stong) hint to leave me alone. I haven't had that experience in a really long time, and maybe she just thought I'd be a definite sale based on the bag I was already carrying, but Geeeeezz! Drove me crazy to the point where I really wanted to growl "get away."

    That's when I went to Saks and bought my new Miu Miu bag! :P
  6. I know...wish I could find someone I felt really comfortable with!
  7. Hmm I wonder why Bonnie was all over you? I know she was nice when we went there. Either way, I don't buy bags from the NM at Short Hills. I usually go to the one at Garden State or Saks in NYC like you mentioned.
  8. Wish there was one that I could develop a relationship with that could give the inside scoop when bags came in...
    Is Bandy the youngish Asian woman? She does seem sweet and not as aggressive! I too have had the whole following around routine...on the other hand at the Chanel at SHM, Paul is an absolute doll. I definitely recommend him if there are folks on this forum that have room for more than just bbags!!
  9. macp6, Bandy's the SA I returned the Grenat Purse to (the one you purchased) she was so unpleasant because I was returning it. Not like it's not going to sell. I just wanted the City instead.
  10. There is a black SA who is really nice...her name may be Alicia. She usually bounces around the various handbag counters (sometimes she's by Marc Jacobs and sometimes by Chanel). When I returned my Chanel bag, she helped me out and was very I bought a conrflower work while I was there!

    Lee Bennett seems very nice...he's a young white guy that I've never seen before...until last week. Bandy Cheng seemed nice when I was looking at the B-bags a couple months ago...she wasn't aggressive at all and seemed like she was looking for a sale. I find I get the best service when I go first thing in the morning; when I go mid day or towards closing time, service can be hit or miss.
  11. thanks for all input! See you at the Short Hills!
  12. Esiders, I know who Alicia is. She helped me with a MJ purse, and you're right, she is really nice.
  13. Bonnie has always been very helpful with me. She has even encouraged me to buy a color bbag even if I am waiting for another in case the other does not come in. She told me to hold onto it b/c it will be gone and if the other one comes in I can always return it. She always calls me if she knows I am waiting for something to come in.
  14. Thanks Princess...(now stop taunting me with that beautiful Chanel bag that you have pictured!! Went to Chanel yesterday and they still don't have it in) back to bbags!;)
  15. Macp6,

    Went there today. Still not in...:sos:

    But I have to say I am falling in love with the new blue grey color. Just can't decide if I want the twiggy or the city. What do you think?