Calling all newbies, let's see the pictures!!!!

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  1. I'm so new with Balenciaga. I've just got my first bag yesterday. I'm soo happy and excited. I'm so honor to join Bbag family. So,I'm calling all the newbies like me:p Show them what you've got! :graucho::tup::heart:
  2. I'm not a newbie, but I wanted to say that I LOVE your NM LE city! Its a beauty!:smile:
  3. Thanks kittenslingerie!!! I'm so in love with my LE city :love: And I LOVE you 3 babies!!! So very cute!!! I have 3 babies as well 1 chihuahua and 2 corgi! :cutesy:
  4. Super bag - congratulations - brilliant colour!!!

    (My own photos are in other threads already and I don't want to ram them down folk's necks again.)
  5. lonely your NM LE is a pretty..i :heart:the gunmetal hw. your pics.... there's no ramming just more sharing ...:flowers:
  6. CONGRATS! love your NM edition! you look great with it too! I'm a newbie, well since Feb anyways... and I havent stopped since!
  7. Sorry, not a newbie, but how can we not join in and say "What a beautiful bag!!!!"
  8. Blessings : Thanks so much :tup: But Since I've got this bag. I haven't gone out anywhere yet... Stuck with school project!!! :sweatdrop:

    Jenova : I'm agreed with Blessings, more sharing :yes: Plz show us. What you've got:okay:
  9. addicted ali : Thanks! Same here, I thinking about getting another bag already! heeheehee:graucho: Can I see your collection,too?

    allyboobop : Thank you! Where can I see your collection? BTW Do you have any recommendation for bal wallet? :biggrin:
  10. I just got my first Balenciaga bag & wallet last week. They're red and now I'm looking for a black city for everyday.

    Taken with flash

    Taken without a flash.

  11. LadyDior : Congrats! I love the color, I thinking about getting black city,too! keep me post it if you get yours! :tup::happydance:
  12. well i got my first bbag around 1 month ago, and i have been looking for another ever since! I cant decide what other colour i want!

    My first bag was a cornflower city and i love her to pieces!!
  13. Congrats on you new bag