Calling all New Yorkers!!

  1. It's the greatest city on earth, and I'm going back for a visit! I am sooooo excited to see the sights of the city again!:nuts:

    I know there are plenty of ladies on this board from the Big Apple, so I thought it'd be fun to get your insights and suggestions on what's fun to do. I've seen all the regular tourist stuff (Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, 5th Ave., etc.) but I want to hit the places that real New Yorkers love.:love:

    If you could post your favorite restaurants, clubs, plays (on or off broadway), shops, districts, etc. I would really appreciate it!!

    I'll be sticking mostly to the Manhattan burough but will also venture in Brooklyn a bit as well, but all suggestions are welcome!

    Thanks ladies (and gents)!!!! :yahoo:
  2. For plays I loved Wicked I highly recommend it.

    For places in Brooklyn you should come to's very up and coming...if you like thai food theres a great place called SEA...its very cheap, the food is great and the decoration is very chic..its on South 6th street and Berry Street
  3. ^^Thanks NYCBelle! My mom and I are actually seeing Wicked while we're there! We got the tickets like two months ago, so I'm super excited!

    The thai place sounds amazing! Thanks for the tip!
  4. There is a SEA in Manhattan also located on Second Ave and 4th Street. Same owners. It is smaller though. Very good food.

    How old are you and what types of places/things do you like to do? (Besides shopping, of course).

    The Meatpacking district has some great restaurants like Spicemarket and Pastis. Jeffrey is a great place to shop. Different designers under one roof.

    Nobu and Megu are great places for sushi. You can combine shopping and lunch at Freds in Barneys on 60th. Bergdorfs also has a restaurant but the food is not that good. EAT is uptown and is also a good place to do lunch. Great bread.

    Wicked was really great. Have a great time.
  5. you HAVE to go to serendipity's on the upper east side. theres tons of desserts plus it's near bloomingdales! also there are alot of high end stores in that area. also if you need a beak you can go to central park
  6. I'm 24, and I'm pretty much up for anything! We made reservations at Babbo's (Washington Square) and Mesa Grill because we love the Food Network! We are also seeing Jersey Boys and one other show (can't remember right now)

    Serendipity is a must! We went there last time and had the most delicious banana split! It was sooooo good!

    Do you guys think Magnolia Bakery is something to try? I'm always reading about it...

    Any good pizza joint reccomendations??
  7. You must go shop!!! Magnolia's has great cupcakes, always a long line!

    I loved eating at Tao's and Ono. O bar is on top of hotel Gasenvoort and really nice (although not sure how it is open now). Meat packing district area is a blast... ahh so much to do!
  8. ^^Thanks for the great article! I'm so excited!
  9. The Little Dog Laughed is a great play-we jsut saw that. We are going to see Gutenberg!The Musical! this weekend, I can let you know how that is-it has gotten excellent reviews. We don't eat out in the city much-so, I can't help you with resturants. do go shopping in Soho-you will have a blast and go to Magnolia's for the world's best cupcakes.

    i live in Brooklyn in a great area called Park Slope-it is about a 20 to 35 minute subway ride from the city depending on where you are or a 15 to 20 minute car ride from downtown. We have great shopping and restaurants here.

    Here's a link to a NY magazine article about Park Slope:

    Park Slope - New York City Neighborhood - Brooklyn - NYC

    Oh-if you are a big fan of the Food Network-go check out the building where their studios are at 75 Ninth Avenue, it is called The Chelsea Market:


    -tons of gourmet grocery shopping there and who knows-maybe you will pass Rachel Ray or Emeril walking through the halls!
  10. a comedy club would be great their is a 2 drink min per person but it's so much fun i would say to check out a cpmedy club called the seller located in lower manhattan around 4th street. plus it's in the village area great area to do some great shopping
    have funnn
  11. One of my favorite very inexpensive restaurants is the Afghan Kabab House on 9th Ave and maybe 47th? It's not a little stand on the corner, as the name sounds like. The food is soooooo good!

    Another cheap place is this Japanese restaurant on St. Mark's Place. It has a weird monster figure at the front. They give you cotton candy at the end. A lot of Japanese students go there.

    If you want trendy and pricey, I have recommendations too....
  12. That's a great tip!! Thanks Nishi621!!
  13. I'm up for anything, and I've definitely been saving, so recommend away!!