CaLLiNG ALL NeW YorKErS: Restaurant for a party of 20+

  1. Whats a good restaurant hopefully somewhere in midtown that will accomdate 25 people last min. My bf's brothers rehearsal for the wedding in this Wed and its in WALDORF and they want to go to dinner after that. Whats a good place, most important great food. I appreciate everyone's help.
  2. Carmine's is a great family-style Italian place for 20+ people. It's in Times Square. There's also Ruby Foo's and Pongsri Thai, both of which are also in TS. You could also try Smith and Wollensky on 50th and 3rd.

    These should get you started, and while you can walk in, you'll have a long wait if you don't make reservations. Also, I check this site a lot:

    New York - Restaurants, Dining, Pizza, Burgers & Chinese - AOL City Guide

    Try to take a look at a Zagat guide, too.
  3. oooo i ate at ruby foo's when i was last in new york, it was excellent.
  4. Carmine's is usually pretty busy... but the food was really good :smile:
  5. If you want Indian, the nicer restaurants are in the 50's between Lexington and 3rd Aves.

    If you give me an idea of which cuisine everyone can tolerate/enjoy the most (and a price range), I'll definitely help you narrow it down more!

    While you're in town, be sure to go to Pastis in the Meatpacking District. I was there over a month ago for supper (at 3am, no less), and the food is dee-vine! LOL. I've never had a better omelet.
  6. THhe people like sushi, asian fusian, italian, french. Indian might be kind of rough on my bf's stomach he isnt used to it.
  7. Minnie: I'm going here Welcome to Plataforma Online! Enjoy... tomorrow night:yahoo: :yahoo: with a party of 8. It's Brazilian & the food is served churrasco style-where the waiters come around with big hunks of meat on sticks. It's so much fun and the food is absolutely fantastic. This will be my 4th time there, and every group I've gone with has loved it. It's price-fixed at $50 a person for all you can eat.

    It's so much fun if you're in a big group. If you've never had food this style, you have to try it. They have tons of big rooms so if you call today, you should be able to get a reservation.
  8. thank you everyone
  9. A lot of bachelorette and bachelor party groups go there, too, before the festivities. Good call! I totally forgot about that one.
  10. Mr. Chows, Gustavino's, maybe Ruby Foos --all of them are hit or miss since its last minute but you never know they may make special accommodations since its a large party
  11. Asian food, how about Tao? It's nice inside and the food is good. That is near the Waldorf too.
  12. I don't think you'll be able to book Tao last minute. It's always packed.