Calling all New Yorkers! (Resale Shops)

  1. Hey there girlies (and boys) ~

    I'm moving to NYC in September for work, and I was wondering if you guys could clue me in on how common it is finding BBags in resale shops there? I'm wondering if I should restrain some of my BBag-binging for September, or just keep ordering from eBay/BalNY.

    How many of you find your BBags in resale shops? Is it pretty common? Are the prices much better than buying off eBay?

    If you guys could recommend some good NY stores, I would be much in your debt!
  2. Right, like they're going to share their dealers. :sneaky:
  3. I would try Encore. Found a couple there. And Fisch for the Hip.
  4. haha good point, gina ;)
  5. fisch for the hip is a good one...
  6. Hey now, no need for that!!! Native New Yorkers are actually some of the friendliest people around. We just don't share our Barneys SAs. hehehehe

    Fisch always has a few BBags, they have amazing selection of all kinds of bags, they're really really nice. And they have two really cute spaniels hanging out in the back!

    You can try INA on Thompson and also on Prince, but I have not spotted a BBag there in all the years I've been going there.
  7. Great tips so far! Thanks so much.

    See, New Yorkers aren't so bad....;)
  8. WORD:supacool::supacool: