Calling all New Yorkers-- I need your help, please!

  1. Okay, so The Redneck Fashionista (moi) has always wanted to go to New York, and the more I think about it, the more I think maybe I should do it soon. I haven't been on a real vacation in some time, and I'm so fascinated by the City. Here's where you savvy Yorkies come in.

    I was planning on this fall, maybe, but I need to know-- when is the best time of year to go? I definitely need adequate time to save up. On my list of things I want to do:

    -prowl the Upper East Side
    -Spend a day at the Met
    -Go running in Central Park
    -Obviously! shop the Meatpacking District and Fifth Avenue
    -MAYBE take in a show
    -go to a cool club (but which one and where are they?)
    -and dine somewhere awesome (i've always heard great things about Tavern on the Green)

    I was thinking of going on a Wednesday and coming back on a Sunday. Where should I stay? I want to stay somewhere chic that's central to everything I want to see, but I'm clueless. What airport should I fly into? What parts of the city should I check out? What parts of the City should I avoid? My mom says to stick to the Upper East Side, the Village and maybe Midtown, but she has only been once, like 30 years ago, so I want to see what the current consensus is. So yeah:

    -Where should I stay?
    -How should I get around-- taxi, subway?
    -What do I definitely need to see? What parts of the city to check out or avoid?
    -What else should I do to get the New York experience?
    -Where should I fly into?
    -Tips and tricks?
    -Is 4 full days enough?
    -Any tips and tricks?
    -Is there a way to do this semi-affordably?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. ...nobody?
  3. I will come back later with more answers-but, do not go to Tavern On The Green-so not worth it. It is really a touristy thing to do and I think you would be hard pressed to find any true NY'ers there. So many better restaurants to spend your money at. there are some great ones down in the meat packing district.
  4. Definitely visit New York - 4 full days is enough time to do a lot, and you will have an amazing time. Here are some tips:

    If you want to stay in a nice neighborhood but don't want to pay a ton of money to stay in a fancy hotel, I would recommend trying craigslist to look up vacation rentals - a lot of people will rent out their apartments, especially during the summer, and you can get a nice, furnished place for a decent price. I did this when I was in Paris and saved A TON of money (the price was comparable to staying in a hostel) and it was the best decision I made. Besides, you're only looking for a place to crash since you want to be out doing things during the day anyway!

    In terms of transportation, I would recommend getting a subway map (, figuring out where you want to go ahead of time, and make a detailed itinerary of the lines/transfers you'll need to take to get where you want to go. Taking a taxi everywhere will be incredibly expensive, and if you use the subway you can get day passes to cut down on cost. Definitely make sure you know where you're going ahead of time, however, because if you look lost or frazzled at the stations you could be targeted by a pickpocket.

    You can fly into either Laguardia or JFK, and I think it's a flat rate of $50 to be picked up by a taxi and be dropped off anywhere in Manhattan. I'm sure you could take a bus/train, but I wouldn't recommend that if you have luggage.

    I have to shower because I'm going out soon, but I will come back later and add some tips and things when I get back! Hope this helps!
  5. You ladies are definitely helping already! :girlsigh:
  6. New Yorker here!! :smile:

    I would go in the fall like around September-November Its not to hot and not to cold.

    -Where should I stay? Stay in the City thats were you will get the best experience. (I can find a good affordable hotel for you if you need it)

    -How should I get around-- taxi, subway? Taxi will be better.. you will get lost with the subway...loll

    -What do I definitely need to see? What parts of the city to check out or avoid? The statue of Liberty, Madison square garden, Central Park, and Rockafella center.

    -What else should I do to get the New York experience? Eat New york pizza and eat a hotdog from the carts in NY...The best yumm and I would go to Catz (They have the best Pastrami ever)

    -Where should I fly into? JFK

    -Is 4 full days enough? Thats perfect

    -Is there a way to do this semi-affordably? Buy a package online there are always good deals.
  7. Get an metrocard(unlimited).,go to the village.I used to work @ Doubletree suites,right in the middle of Times Square, where you can buy your tickets for a show.I'll post more later.:smile:
    oh! the Bronx Zoo free on wednesdays.
  8. -Where should I stay?
    Somewhere in the city (Manhattan to you out of towners ;) ). You could perhaps get yoruself a weekend sublet and stay in a real NY apartment!

    -How should I get around-- taxi, subway?
    Taxis are very expensive and they got stuck in traffic. i would suggest the subway. you can get a subway map and a metrocard and be good to go! Only take a taxi if you are all dolled up or if it is late at night

    -What do I definitely need to see? What parts of the city to check out or avoid?
    You have to check out the village and the meat packing district. Fit in Soho too. You have to see Rockefeller Center, herald Square, Times Square and most people want to go downtown and see where the WTC used to be. Of course, Central park and a few museums also. We love the natural history Museum and MOMA. Almost forgot Chinatown and Little Italy!

    -What else should I do to get the New York experience?
    Get mugged? LOL Just joking. Umm, eat real pizza from a mom and pop pizza place. Have them put pepperoni on it. have a hot dog form a cart, go to a real jewish deli and have a sandwich and a knish. go to an italian bakery and see what pastries really taste like. Get on the subway early in the morning with the work crowd and get jostled around and shoved!

    -Where should I fly into?
    JFK or LaGuardia is fine. Avoid LaGuardia if it is wintertime though-they have short runways and there have been cases of planes sliding off them in snowy weather.

    -Tips and tricks?
    Enjoy yourself, keep your head about you and don't walk around acting or looking like a tourist. Oh, and don't play any card games on the street! Or, buy an jewelry or handbags off the street either.

    -Is 4 full days enough?
    I would try for 5 or 6 personally

    -Any tips and tricks?
    I think I answered this above ;)

    -Is there a way to do this semi-affordably?
    Sure! Take the subway not cabs. Buy one of those NY entertainment/coupon books. Scan the internet for coupons and specials going on around the time you are coming in. Check out TDF for Broadway show tickets.
  9. I also want to try to convince my mom to come; if so, we're going to go see my grandfather's ship, the USS Intrepid, but I need to know when it will be back in dry-dock at the harbor!

    Thank you ladies, keep it coming! Great info here!
  10. Where should I stay? -
    u can stay in midtown at a double tree for not too much.

    -How should I get around-- taxi, subway?
    subway is the cheapist get an unlimited , you can use it onthe bus or train as much as you want. it is important that you get a subway map. remember the #s going up means you are going uptown , the #s going down means you are going downtown , the west side is next to the husdon and nj .. the east side is the opposite.

    -What do I definitely need to see? What parts of the city to check out or avoid?
    check out madison ave , 5th ave , park and lexington/ if you wnat to see a broadway show go to tkts you can stand and get cheap tickets for shows the same day. so to henri bendal and berdoff goodman. eat at delmonico's on beaver st in downtown. shop century 21 , great sicounted stuff on cortland st downtown, in front of ground zero. go see the statue of liberty and ellis island. take a helicopter ride around the island. visit south street seaport downtown. go see the apollo theather in harlem . enjoy dinner at Tao , great asian fusion restaurant. if you feel like dancing , there is a place called Marque , which is a great place to see celebrities and ballers ( like us ny-ers call them ) , glass next door is pretty cool as well.. the bathroom is all glass that the people in side can't see out .. but the people outside int he street can see in .. pretty cool place. stop by the shake shack in madison square park. visit the empire state building on 5th and 34th , maybe see the chysler building.

    -What else should I do to get the New York experience? see above

    -Where should I fly into? jfk , laguardia and newark liberty are ok fine options. jfk and laguardia are a flat rate to nyc ...

    -Tips and tricks?
    have to think about this ...

    -Is 4 full days enough? 4 days is enough

    -Is there a way to do this semi-affordably?
    manhattan can be very expensive but also very cheap, depends what you are into .. you can do some shopping in herald sqaure ( macy's , h &m ) for not too much. look for coupons online before you come also.

    most of all enjoy nyc .. there is nothing like it ...!!
  11. As far as actual names of where to stay in the city? One of my coworkers suggested the Plaza or the Palace but they're ungodly expensive! ETA: Thanks LVChanel! The DoubleTree is more than adequate for me since I don't plan to spend a lot of time in the hotel!
  12. Oh S! What A Thread!!!! I Can Definitely Help You Out On This!!!! ^such Great Idea From Above:yes:

    Right Now We Are All Sick ~ So I Need To Go (Still Getting Ready For Vegas, Too)...I Am Dying To Help you With This.

    I Will Say For Me I Adore "Tavern On The Green".....Definitely Not An Everyday Place.....There Are So Many Delicious Rest.'s Top$ & Holes In The Wall ~ That Are Even Better:yahoo:

    When We Go Home To NY.....Are Family Doesn't Give Us Much Choice ~ They Want Us With Them. We Love, Love, Love Staying At The Waldorf. Even When I Lived In The City....We Would Plan Get-A-Ways There!!!

    Again I Think The Ideas Posted Here Are Wonderful (My Ideas Are More Personal......I WILL Feel Better & I Will Be Able To Help!)!!!!!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  13. Most of my family is from long island but I have only been to the city once ( new jersey native here) so I cant really help you but I wanted to tell you its a blast. I went alone for the first and only time when I was 16. My grandma sent me in on a train and it was one of the best experiences of my life! Good luck!
  14. When I went to New York I stayed at the The Roosevelt, the price was good it's a really nice hotel with an excellent location check it out I won't stay anywhere else I love it
  15. I am not a native New Yorker but a frequent visitor, and was just there.

    -Where should I stay?
    Depends on your budget. I like the Warwick because of its proximity to MoMA. I also like the Sofitel.

    -How should I get around-- taxi, subway?
    For a short stay, I would not bother trying to negotiate the subway. Nothing in NYC is very far away, but due to the traffic congestion, your bill will wrack up your taxi bill. I always take a taxi to the nearest point where I can walk -- it's not worth sitting in traffic just to go half a mile.

    -What do I definitely need to see? What parts of the city to check out or avoid?
    MoMA, the Met.

    -What else should I do to get the New York experience?
    Stay away from Times Square. It's such a tourist trap, and you won't get a feel for the real NYC.

    -Where should I fly into?
    Everyone likes JFK for some reason, but I prefer La Guardia because it's slightly closer to the city.

    -Tips and tricks?
    Tavern on the Green is totally overrated and it seems like nobody goes there but tourists. I would avoid Tavern on the Green.

    -Is there a way to do this semi-affordably?
    Most definitely, but don't count on eating at too many fancy places or going to too many shows, obviously! If you know you'll be out and about, you can definitely skimp on your hotel by staying at one that is not terribly nice.