Calling all new Modern Chain glazed calfskin owners….

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  1. I’d like to see how the bags is doing for you:rolleyes:

    It may be too early to tell yet, but how’s the bag holding up?
    My sister is looking into buying one as her “everyday workhorse” and I’m not sure if it will be as durable as the one I purchased from last season with the distressed leather?

    Is the interior a little more sensitive and prone to scratching?

    Did anyone purchase a brown one – I would love to see pics:tup:
  2. It's too early to tell. But, IMO, it's quite durable just not as "durable" as the one from last season. The lining leather is strong, not easy to scratch.
  3. thanks Katie!

    do you think it would hold up good as an everyday bag?
    It almost 1K more than the GST so kind of want to research if it would work out ok for her.
  4. Compare to MC, I think GST is better for everyday bag. It's lighter and has more pockets. For everyday bag, you might have more things you want to put in zippered pocket. Then GST has more space in zippered pocket than MC.
  5. I'm embarrassed to say I'm almost abusing mine. I bought it to be my workhorse. I've even carried it in very light rain with no problems. Aside from the silver interior, which I think scratched in one small spot, the exterior is holding up beautifully. It does wrinkle a bit more with time though.
  6. I use it for everyday. It has only been a month. The stitch holding the side together in shape on one side came off but I think it was supposed to - but other than that it has been great....:supacool: