Calling all Neo owners...


LV/Chanel girl <3
Feb 15, 2009
North Carolina
I am considering buying the Neo but would love to see more modeling pictures with the Neo especially a side view. I am worried the bag may stick out too far from the body. It's the depth of the bag that has me are you liking your Neo??
Mar 10, 2006
Valley of the Sun
i have it, i won't lie to you, it sticks out pretty far, can really shorten the strap, kinda like the Tulum GM, and wear it more up under your arm, which really helps! sorry, no modeling pics, my camera is on the fritz....personally, i'm not one to wear cross body bags becasue my booty is already big enough, plus this bag is essentially open, and i NEVER wear an open bag slung over my rear end, i'd never feel it if someone reached in it...but with the strap really short, up under my arm, it doesn't stick out too far away from the body....